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Fifth Annual Cookie Bake-Off

Fifth Annual Cookie Bake-Off | Twinspiration

I can’t believe this is our fifth year doing the cookie bake-off. It’s become one of my favorite traditions as its just for fun and we end up with four different kinds of cookies to eat during Christmas celebrations! This year Carli and I both opted for almond cookie recipes. I love any baked good with almond extract and it seemed like a classic cookie recipe I was missing. Carli went with a gluten-free variety since she’s still off gluten,…

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Food & Drink Seasonal

Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup

Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup | Twinspiration

Every year we spend weeks planning our Thanksgiving menu because food is our favorite thing and therefore Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday. For the past three years, we’ve taken a trip to Lake Arrowhead with our best friend and her husband, and it has quickly become our favorite tradition. We don’t gatekeep over here so I wanted to recap the recipes we’ve made with a quick review, to lead you in the right direction… 2022 Recipes: Stuffing Topped Baked Mac…

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Reviewing 2022 Hallmark Christmas Movies

Reviewing 2022 Hallmark Christmas Movies | Twinspiration

There were so many Hallmark Christmas movies released this year, which left me with both excitement and anxiety. I look forward to these releases every year but where to begin? Which ones are worth watching? I decided to stay organized I would watch as many as possible and review them, so you can pick and choose which movies are worth your time. We Wish You a Married Christmas | Rating: 2/5 The couple in this movie had zero chemistry, which…

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Fourth Annual Cookie Bake-Off

Fourth Annual Cookie Bake-Off | Twinspiration

Every year the four of us have a cookie bake-off on December 23rd. We each pick a recipe to make and then we all vote on the best cookie of the bunch (you cant vote for yourself, obviously). Some years we opt for more themed cookies (think peppermint, grinch, etc), but this year we realized all of our cookies are very tan and boring, although delicious. Even though our cookies may not be festive they were delicious. Read on to…

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Best Holiday Candles

Best Holiday Candles | Twinspiration

Obviously, we love candles (we have our own candle brand), and there is no better time to stock up on candles than the holiday season. So many brands release the best of the best holiday scents. We purchased quite a few this year and thought it would be fun to do a quick review of them all and let you know our personal favorites. We were so excited to launch our own holiday candle this year, Dyad’s YOU + YOURS,…

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