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Christmastime Recipes

Sixth Annual Cookie Bake-Off

Sixth Annual Cookie Bake-Off | Twinspiration

We look forward to our household cookie bakeoff every year and this year a few of us were feeling under the weather, so we weren’t sure it was going to happen. We were able to power through and get our cookies made. I for one was so happy because this year I went with a classic Christmas cookie flavor that I was excited about. We didn’t vote this year since Tommy had a timing issue with his brownies (see below),…

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Christmastime Gift Guides Home Decor

Holiday Gift Guide: For The Homebody

Gift Guide For The Homebody | Twinspiration

Shop Gift Guide We all have those friends and family members that love being home, being cozy, curdled up with a good book with a cozy blanket, maybe a robe. This gift guide is for all those cozy homebodies in your life. Cottagecore Kindle Case  Buy Kindle Case It’s impossible to find cute kindle cases, but Page The Shop has done it with her modern designs. This Cottagecore one is my fav of her newest offerings but she’s always coming…

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Christmastime Gift Guides

Gift Guide: Gifts For Your Millennial Bestie

Gifts For Your Millennial Bestie | Twinspiration

SHOP GIFT GUIDE With all the sales starting already, I personally have been shopping and thought why not round up some of my favorite products and some items that are high on my wishlist? I tried to create a good mix of beauty, style, and home but we can always do category-specific curated lists if you’re into that. I also want to mention all of these picks are under $100, aside from the Madewell bag. Yay for affordable finds! Nest…

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Christmastime Entertainment Seasonal

Reviewing 2023 Hallmark Christmas Movies


Last year I watched almost all of the new Hallmark Christmas movies and reviewed them for you (read us). There are a plethora of new festive films each year and I think it’s helpful to weed out the movies that aren’t worth the watch. So here we go again! I’ll be watching as many Hallmark Christmas movies as I can and reporting back my thoughts. Bookmark this post and reference it before you decide to watch a Hallmark film. Watch…

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Christmastime Recipes Seasonal

Fifth Annual Cookie Bake-Off

Fifth Annual Cookie Bake-Off | Twinspiration

I can’t believe this is our fifth year doing the cookie bake-off. It’s become one of my favorite traditions as its just for fun and we end up with four different kinds of cookies to eat during Christmas celebrations! This year Carli and I both opted for almond cookie recipes. I love any baked good with almond extract and it seemed like a classic cookie recipe I was missing. Carli went with a gluten-free variety since she’s still off gluten,…

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