Fifth Annual Cookie Bake-Off

Fifth Annual Cookie Bake-Off | Twinspiration

I can’t believe this is our fifth year doing the cookie bake-off. It’s become one of my favorite traditions as its just for fun and we end up with four different kinds of cookies to eat during Christmas celebrations!

This year Carli and I both opted for almond cookie recipes. I love any baked good with almond extract and it seemed like a classic cookie recipe I was missing. Carli went with a gluten-free variety since she’s still off gluten, so ours were differentiated enough.

Fifth Annual Cookie Bake-Off | Twinspiration

Britta’s Cookies: Almond Meltaway Cookies

I searched Pinterest for an almond cookie recipe and the word meltaway caught my eye immediately. These were actually pretty easy to make and the texture is truly 10/10. Unfortunately the morning after our cookie bake-off we discovered ants had gotten into both mine and Carli’s cookies and we had to toss them. Tis the season for it to be unseasonably hot (insert eye roll). I loved my cookies so much that I decided to make another batch. I took my time with the second batch and made sure to whisk the butter for as long as the recipe said and the cookies turned out even better! So make sure you’re following the instructions closely. I cant wait to make these again!

Fifth Annual Cookie Bake-Off | Twinspiration

Carli’s Cookies: Gluten Free Thumbprint Cookies

As I mentioned Carli also did almond cookies, but she used almond flour to make them gluten-free. Her taste was amazing, and the raspberry preserves were the perfect addition, but I couldn’t get past the texture. Tommy and James said they didn’t mind the grittiness as much so I think it’s personal preference. Overall we all thought these were amazing for gluten-free!

Fifth Annual Cookie Bake-Off | Twinspiration

Tommy’s Cookies: 7-Layer Cookie Bars

Tommy decided to go with a classic 7-layer bar recipe. His mom makes these every year so he grew up loving them. These are actually really easy to make and a crowd-pleaser. I’m not a big chocolate gal so these are too rich for me but I know most people can’t get enough!

Fifth Annual Cookie Bake-Off | Twinspiration

James’ Cookies: Toffee Shortbread Cookies

James changed up his cookie recipe last minute and we all saw his dough kind of falling apart and didn’t think these would come together. If you’ve seen our previous cookie bakeoff recaps James seems to be the one that always has an issue with his recipe lol. Anyway, the shortbread was actually delicious and buttery. Again, the toffee topping was too rich for me but both Tommy and James loves it. The presentation left more to be desired in my opinion, for a holiday cookie, but if you’re only in it for taste these would be a good one to try!

Because Carli wasn’t judging this year the voting was a little skewed but Tommy ultimately came out on top with his tried and true bars. Which sounds the best to you?

xx, Britta