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things that spark joy ✨

things that spark joy | @thegarsowtwins

This video is long overdue for us! Over the past year, we started prioritizing joy and finding it in everyday life. Simple joys like reading and listening to our favorite podcasts were an easy way to increase happiness. But in this video, we talk all about things that spark joy in our life, big or small. Hopefully, it inspires you in some way!…

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Living Monthly Recaps

May 2023 Recap

May Recap 2023 | @thegarsowtwins

May is always busy for us because most of our good friends are Tauruses- ie. are born in May. Overall it was more play than work, but it’s nice to find a balance between the two, and that’s something we’re really prioritizing this year. First I want to touch on two places we ate at in May that deserve a shoutout… Pijja Palace We had been dying to go to Pijja Palace so when a friend suggested it we jumped…

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Living Monthly Recaps

April 2023 Recap

April 2023 Recap | The Garsow Twins

We used to do monthly recaps on here that we slowly phased out back in 2018. I am not delusional and I know that people read blogs even less in 2023 than they did in 2018, but Carli and I are trying to focus more on creating content that makes us happy, now that we have more time to do so. With that said, we are going to bring back monthly recaps!  We may not recap every month since we…

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