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April 2023 Recap

April 2023 Recap | The Garsow Twins

We used to do monthly recaps on here that we slowly phased out back in 2018. I am not delusional and I know that people read blogs even less in 2023 than they did in 2018, but Carli and I are trying to focus more on creating content that makes us happy, now that we have more time to do so.

With that said, we are going to bring back monthly recaps!  We may not recap every month since we still want these posts to be interesting, but we’ll focus on months with notable events.

Here are the things we got up to in April…

April 2023 Recap | The Garsow Twins

The Gamble House Tour

My boyfriend Tommy’s mom and her boyfriend recently came up to LA to visit and we decided to go tour The Gamble House in Pasadena. We’d recently heard about it and we all collectively love old homes and architecture. The house was designed by American Arts and Crafts architects Charles and Henry Greene, who were brothers. They also designed most of the furniture and I have to say this house was the most cohesive structure I’ve ever seen. The little details were so impressive and of course, it has been preserved so well because homes were just made to last back in the day. If you’re in LA and love old homes I highly recommend the one-hour guided tour!

April 2023 Recap | The Garsow Twins

Dyad Eau de Parfum Photoshoot + Launch

I know we’ve been talking about this on Instagram so I’ll keep it short but we finally launched our Dyad Eau De Parfums! If you’ve been following our Dyad journey you’ll know we launched the perfume oils in April of 2021- which is crazy to think about. We personally love them but we received some feedback that some of our customers would prefer a standard perfume to a perfume oil, and we heard you loud and clear. You can read more about this launch here and shop the EDPs here. Thank you so much for your continued support!

April 2023 Recap | The Garsow Twins

Naturium Event

We were invited by Naturium to celebrate the launch of their new “The Smoother” Glycolic Acid Body Lotion and jumped at the chance. We had just started to go to brand events before the pandemic hit and told ourselves that we would say yes to more invitations when they came our way. The event was at Nic’s on Beverly which is a restaurant we’d been wanting to go to so- two birds! It was beautifully set up on their patio and we had a great time. We haven’t tried too many body care products from Naturium so we’re excited to try this and report back.

That’s a wrap on April! We’re actually really excited for May as things usually pick up for us in the spring and summer.

We hope you had a great month!

xx, Britta