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May 2023 Recap

May Recap 2023 | @thegarsowtwins

May is always busy for us because most of our good friends are Tauruses- ie. are born in May. Overall it was more play than work, but it’s nice to find a balance between the two, and that’s something we’re really prioritizing this year.

First I want to touch on two places we ate at in May that deserve a shoutout…

Pijja Palace

May Recap 2023 | @thegarsowtwins

We had been dying to go to Pijja Palace so when a friend suggested it we jumped at the chance. In their words, they serve classic American fare through an Indian lens. From the exterior, it looks like a forgotten motel restaurant, but the interior is basically a modern sports bar. It’s fun, yet chic. We posted a whole Instagram reel reviewing it but if you go you have to get the rigatoni and the onion rings. Both were 10/10 incredible!

Clark Street Diner

May Recap 2023 | @thegarsowtwins

For Carli’s boyfriend’s birthday, we decided to walk to Clark Street Diner for brunch. We used to go all the time pre-pandemic when it was the 101 Cafe but hadn’t been since they re-opened (there’s always a line on the weekends). Carli and I split the blueberry pancakes, hashbrowns, onion rings, and got a few pasties to go. The pancakes were just as good as we remembered and the onion rings were also delicious. If you’ve never been here it’s a very iconic restaurant and they even have photos of all the movies and shows that were filmed there. The service is always excellent and you can’t beat the classic diner ambiance.

Clean Coats

May Recap 2023 | @thegarsowtwins

We had a transitional month for Clean Coats as well. We’re trying to get our products out there so we did a show in the Arts District which went well. It was at a really cute location that was a converted alleyway outside of a coffee shop. We also saw our products in store at Pretty Good Boy (at The Row). If you’re ever downtown stop by their store- they have a great selection of curated products for dogs.

San Diego

May Recap 2023 | @thegarsowtwins

As mentioned above, most of our friends have birthdays in May and that includes our good friend, Alex. Alex is Jame’s cousin and we’ve known him since we were 18. We were instant friends and are grateful we’ve stayed close after moving up to LA. We all went down to San Diego to celebrate his birthday and it was a blast, to say the least. It’s so nostalgic for us to be back there. It’s where we spent our young adult years (18-22), and have nothing but the best memories. It’s always bittersweet to see good friends and reminisce on your shared experiences. Oceanside looks completely different than when we lived there! We ended up going to The Brick Hotel rooftop for drinks after dinner and it gave LA rooftop vibes if you’re into that (we are).

That’s basically the gist of what we got up to in May! June is well underway and we know things will only pick up from here. 

xx, Britta