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Sweet Eats: Doughnut Plant

Sweet Eats: Doughnut Plant | Twinspiration

Ah donuts, what a topic. As you probably know by now, Britta and I are big fans of donuts. We’ve already done a Sweet Eats at our favorite donut place in LA – Fonuts, and we’ve made countless donut recipes on the blog. So of course, while we were in NYC, we had to stop at Doughnut Plant to do a Sweet Eats.

I first visited Doughnut Plant two years ago on my last trip to NYC. I had heard amazing things are their creme Brule donut and knew I had to go. On that trip, James (my bf) and I headed to the location in Chelsea. I got a Creme Brulee donut, a Coffee Cake donut and one I shamefully can’t remember (we went twice). All were amazing and I knew I had to bring Britta on this trip.Sweet Eats: Doughnut Plant | TwinspirationSweet Eats: Doughnut Plant | TwinspirationAgain, the Chelsea location was closest to us so we went to that one. Honestly, the place itself is not my favorite. There’s a ton of construction happening outside and the space is super small. They pack in a lot of tables for people to enjoy their coffee and donuts but that just makes it seem extra crowded. The upside to the space is the cute decor and very eclectic feel. They have plush donut pillows plastered all over their walls – it’s a really cute touch! They also have a concrete bench to sit on that has colorful little donuts all over it. I truly do love the little details here even if the space is small.Sweet Eats: Doughnut Plant | TwinspirationSweet Eats: Doughnut Plant | TwinspirationSweet Eats: Doughnut Plant | Twinspiration

When you walk up to the donut case, you notice they have 4 different types of donuts – yeast doughnuts, filled square doughnuts (they’re known for their unique shape), cake doughnuts and doughseeds. You’re probably wondering what a doughseed is, and from what I gather, it’s a small yeast donut that’s filled. They are delicious but my favorite variety are the cake donuts. They actually taste SO similar to our beloved fonuts here in LA. Regardless of what type of donut you choose, Doughnut Plant prides themselves on only using high-quality ingredients free of artificial flavorings and colors, preservatives, eggs and trans fats. I love that they put so much care into these donuts!Sweet Eats: Doughnut Plant | TwinspirationTheir cake donuts are definitely my favorite!

I absolutely love the Coffee Cake flavor and I also tried the seasonal Pumpkin Cake donut this time which was also great. I got a Wild Blueberry cake donut for James and he loved it. Britta and I shared both donuts and she’s now a fan too. Next time you’re in NYC, you have to stop by a Doughnut Plant location – best donuts in the city in our opinion!Sweet Eats: Doughnut Plant | TwinspirationSweet Eats: Doughnut Plant | TwinspirationSweet Eats: Doughnut Plant | Twinspiration

PS: So sorry about the quality of these photos, the lighting in this place was horrendous since the outside construction covered all of the natural light.

Doughnut Plant | 220 W 23rd St New York, NY 10011 (Chelsea)

  • sayeedahsparkles
    11/28/2017 at 11:22 am

    looks amazing! you guys are gorgeous!