DIY Clay Ring Dish

DIY Clay Ring Dish | Twinspiration

We adore a good clay DIY project (example here and here), and we haven’t worked with clay in far too long. It’s a nice medium for projects because its easy to mold but it’s also durable when set in the oven.

We were inspired by this ring dish A Beautiful Mess made last year. Theirs is super colorful and fun but we decided to stick with a classic black and white marble so that the rings really pop in the dish. And you already know how much we love a neutral color palette. 

This project is so easy you can complete it in one afternoon. It’s a super fun weekend project to do with your closest friends because who doesn’t need a ring dish?!

DIY Clay Ring Dish | Twinspiration

What you’ll need:

1 | First lay down some wax paper for you to work on. We just taped the edges to our table so it wouldn’t lift up at all.

2 | Now you have to roll out the black and white clay. The best way to do this is in between your hands. You’re going to want three thicker pieces of white and two thinner pieces of black. They should all be about 5 inches long. Then twist all the rolls together to make one large roll.

DIY Clay Ring Dish | Twinspiration

DIY Clay Ring Dish | Twinspiration

3 | Now use the same technique and roll this large twist into a piece about 10 inches long. This is definitely challenging and our hands were sore the next day (LOL).

DIY Clay Ring Dish | Twinspiration

4 | Next you’re going to twist that long piece around itself, so it kind of looks like an old-fashioned candy cane.

DIY Clay Ring Dish | Twinspiration

5 | Repeat steps three & four 2-3 times to get the marble effect going.

6 | Form the twist into a ball and roll it out.

DIY Clay Ring Dish | Twinspiration

DIY Clay Ring Dish | Twinspiration

7 | When the rolled out piece is large enough trace around your jar with an x-acto knife so you have a perfect circle. Spoiler alert: Ours wasn’t perfect!

DIY Clay Ring Dish | Twinspiration

8 | Now place your clay circle inside a dinner bowl to form the ring dish. Follow the baking directions on the back of the clay package to set the dish.

DIY Clay Ring Dish | Twinspiration

9 | Cool dish completely and paint the edge with your gold metallic paint. We needed two coats to make it opaque.

Even though our ring dish didn’t turn out perfect we’re really happy with it! And it compliments our Dani Barbe rings so well.

DIY Clay Ring Dish | Twinspiration

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Rings featured: Opal Aquamarine Quartz Ring, Occo Geode Ring, Ruby Curve Ring, Sapphire Suspension Ring

  • Jamala Wallace
    03/20/2018 at 7:53 am

    I bought a box of clay and the gold leaf paint almost a year ago wanting to do this. .. what the heck is taking so long… thanks for the inspiration kick in the butt…i love this

  • tinoco22
    03/20/2018 at 6:37 pm

    This is super cute. I love this DIY.

  • tomachi
    06/09/2018 at 7:19 am

    loving all the cute DIY stuff you guys have! can’t wait to completely redecorate my room on a budget!

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  • Lindsey Nielsen
    08/26/2019 at 11:52 am

    How much clay did each dish take? I want to make about 7 as gifts and I’m trying to decide how much clay I should buy.

  • cecilefallot
    11/13/2020 at 10:01 am

    I’ve just did it and it’s just amazing !!!! thank you very much 🙂