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May 2017 Recap

May 2017 Recap | Twinspiration

We told you guys last month that May was going to be a whirlwind, and oh was it. Let’s get into it, shall we: The Coconato Wedding Our good friend and former roommate Michelle married the man of her dreams this month! We hadn’t seen her since we moved out last year (shame on us) so it was a day full of emotions for us. We were so thrilled to be able to celebrate her special day with her, and the…

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Go-To Summer Shorts

Go-To Summer Shorts | Twinspiration

Even though Memorial Day isn’t the official start of summer, it always feels like the start of the season. If you’ve been reading our blog for awhile you know summer isn’t our favorite. I know, I know, we’re so weird for not liking the most laid back, hot season. We just prefer a little chill in the air & oversized sweaters. But regardless on how I feel about summer, it’s always a good opportunity to clean out my closet and…

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Beauty DIY

DIY Makeup Setting Spray

DIY Makeup Setting Spray | Twinspiration

You guys know that we love a good beauty DIY project. We started taking a look at where we could save some money in our makeup collection and realized that setting spray could easily be made at home. It’s something we use every single day and go through bottle upon bottles every year. To save some money we decided to buy these ingredients in bulk and make a few bottles. The best part is that it’s all natural! Rosewater is…

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Food & Drink

The Best Avocado Toast Recipe

The Best Avocado Toast Recipe | Twinspiration

If you see a recipe on this blog there’s a 90% chance it’s a dessert. We definitely put our time and effort into baking and lack actual cooking skills. Meaning that we eat a lot of frozen pizzas and mac & cheese. As we get older we realize that it’s important to learn how to make dishes that are easy, delicious, and nutritious. If you know us you know that we don’t exactly pride ourselves on our eating habits, so…

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The Modern Mule

The Modern Mule | Twinspiration

It’s no secret that Carl and I prefer wearing black to any other shade. To keep us from going completely dark we often pair a black top with lighter denim. And our denim of choice is definitely the Jamie Jeans from Topshop. We personally know five people that swear by these jeans, and they are of varying shapes and sizes. These jeans are basically like the jeans in Sisterhood of the Traveling pants, sans patches and doodles. This indigo denim…

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