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DIY Crystal Terrarium

DIY Crystal Terrarium | Twinspiration

We’ve been doing DIYs since before we even started blogging (which is over 5 years ago). So it is shocking to us that we have never made/put together a terrarium! They’ve been floating around DIY blogs and Pinterest for years now, but we never got around to making one…until now. If you’re not sure what a terrarium is, it is usually a glass container filled with soil and plants, with some sort of opening so you can care for the…

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DIY Clay Ring Dish

DIY Clay Ring Dish | Twinspiration

We adore a good clay DIY project (example here and here), and we haven’t worked with clay in far too long. It’s a nice medium for projects because its easy to mold but it’s also durable when set in the oven. We were inspired by this ring dish A Beautiful Mess made last year. Theirs is super colorful and fun but we decided to stick with a classic black and white marble so that the rings really pop in the…

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Beauty DIY

DIY Simple Body Butter

DIY Simple Body Butter | Twinspiration

If you’ve watched any of our YouTube videos you’ve probably heard us mention a body butter once or twice. We particularly love The Righteous Butter by Soap  & Glory or any seasonal body butter from Trader Joes! That is until we downloaded the Think Dirty App. It’s basically an app that tells you how “dirty” your products are, meaning how many toxic ingredients they contain. There is a scale from 1-10, 10 being the worst. And you’ve probably already guessed that the above-mentioned…

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DIY Holidays

DIY Metallic Frosted Ornaments

DIY Metallic Frosted Ornaments | Twinspiration

Growing up our Christmas tree was always decked out in vintage ornaments that had sentimental value. While we always loved decorating the tree and taking a walk down memory lane with each ornament, we knew that when we had our own Christmas tree that it would be themed. Maybe this is because we love to create content, that includes our home, or maybe we just like a cohesive tree. Our first tree was decorated with silver and gold, such a classic…

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DIY Home Decor

DIY Vintage Frosted Glassware

DIY Vintage Frosted Glassware | Twinspiration

When packing up our apartment we noticed that we have an absurd amount of glassware. And most of them are in pairs of two because we love using different glasses for cocktail recipe posts on this blog. And it seems that every time we get rid of some, we buy more. It’s a vicious cycle. Now that we have more space we’re actually excited about our glassware hoarding and plan to put them on display. Most of our glassware comes from…

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