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Antonym Cosmetics Review

Antonym Cosmetics Review | Twinspiration

As we’ve gotten older our skin tends to “freak out” when it comes in contact with certain things, like glycolic acid and other harsh ingredients. Because of this, we try to use natural products whenever possible. You’ve probably heard us ramble on Youtube about how much we love Rose Hip Seed oil. It’s definitely easier to find natural skincare than natural makeup products. There are certain binding ingredients in makeup that help them stay on your face all day and…

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Beauty Living

Best Amazon Buys

Best Amazon Buys | Twinspiration

On this blog and our YouTube channel, we often stick to beauty products. Makeup and skincare are passions of ours and we always enjoy sharing our favorite products with you all. But obviously we buy OTHER things and most of those things come from Amazon. Amazon is truly a magical website where you can get literally anything in just 48 hours. So today we’re sharing our best Amazon buys with you! xx, Britta…

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Modern Western Wear

Modern Western Wear | Twinspiration

Last year I bought this off the shoulder black dress from Target. It was on sale at the time and surprisingly really good quality so I knew it would last awhile. I tried it on when I got home and realized that it looked like a potato sack on me. I have very short legs so I really love when something gives my waist definition to avoid looking like a tree stump. So the dress sat in my closet for…

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DIY Home Decor

DIY Faux Ceramic Vases

DIY Faux Ceramic Vases | Twinspiration

A few weeks ago we purchased some fresh flowers only to find out that we didn’t have a vase to put them in. Of course we have decorative vases that live on our carefully curated living room shelf, but we don’t own any useful vases. How crazy is that?! Instead of just running to Target to get a boring glass vase, we decided to make some DIY versions. We absolutely love how ceramic vases look but they can be costly…

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Beauty Monthly Favorites

May Favorites 2017

May Favorites 2017 | Twinspiration

It definitely feels like summer. Our skin is bronzing up and we’re opting for less foundation and are reaching for products that give us a natural glow. In the past few month’s we have tried SO MANY new products including a few skincare gems that we cannot live without. Oh, and we also found the perfect heel for summer! We’ve been wearing them all month long! What was your favorite find this month?!  xx, Britta…

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