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Alamar Cosmetics Reina Del Caribe Vol. 1 Palette Review + Swatches

Alamar Cosmetics Reina Del Caribe Vol. 1 Palette Review + Swatches | Twinspiration

Right off the bat, I’m just going to say that the quality of the Alamar Cosmetics Reina Del Caribe Vol. 1 Palette for the price is $28 for 8 incredible shadows (that’s $3.50 per shadow) is such a steal in my opinion! I love that Gaby created Alamar Cosmetics with her roots in mind and she wasn’t afraid to go bold with both the branding and the palette itself. She stayed very true to herself and I admire that! When…

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DIY Holidays

DIY Plants on Pink Pumpkins

DIY Plants on Pink Pumpkins | Twinspiration

We used to do so many more DIY projects on our blog and while we don’t have the time anymore, we will never miss an opportunity to make a new DIY craft pumpkin! You may remember these watercolor pumpkins we made two years ago. We moved last October so that’s why we didn’t have a DIY pumpkin for you last year. Anyways, this year in full millennial spirit we decided to create these “plants on pink” pumpkins. We’ve been following…

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Beauty Monthly Favorites

September Favorites 2018

September Favorites 2018 | Twinspiration

You guys. September was a big month for us in terms of beauty finds! Brands are starting to release their holiday items and we are living for it! Carli picked up the new Hourglass Unlocked Palette and she says it’s the best thing she’s purchased all year. BIG WORDS. We also found our holy grail nighttime serum. Also thanks to Tati and Beaudicction for recommending the Joah Dark Circle Concealer. It’s become our new favorite drugstore concealer and the formula…

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Best Talc-Free Makeup

Best Talc-Free Makeup | Twinspiration

I know I sound like a broken record at this point talking about my nickel (talc) allergy, but hear me out. Over a year ago I had an eczema breakout all over my eyelids so I went to the dermatologist. After testing they diagnosed me with a severe nickel allergy. Obviously, that meant giving up “costume” jewelry but they also told me to stay away from talc in makeup. I immediately started going through all my powder products looking at the ingredient…

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Best Fall Lip Colors

Best Fall Lip Colors | Twinspiration

You may remember last year when we shared our favorite fall lipsticks. We love rounding up our favorite hues of the season for you guys, so we decided to create a new list, and this year we’re including a gloss! We recently went through our collections and picked new shades to wear throughout the fall season. We tend to do the same makeup looks all year round but we do rotate lip colors based on the season, mainly because its so…

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