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Must-Have Everyday Products

Must-Have Everyday Products | Twinspiration

We realized we use a lot of products that we don’t really talk about on here. For reasons being: They live in our bathrooms, they don’t fall into a specific category, they may be considered boring, etc. So today we wanted to run through the products we use daily for various reasons. You need these products in your life ASAP! xx, Britta…

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Beauty Monthly Favorites

October Favorites 2019

October Favorites 2019 | Twinspiration

Although we’ve been trying a lot of makeup and skincare recently, this monthly favorites video is full of lifestyle products we’ve been coveting! I personally found a carry-on bag that I can’t live without and possibly my favorite pair of shoes EVER! Carli also found her holy grail moisturizer and an amazing drugstore makeup sponge. Watch to see the full list of things we’ve been loving! xx, Britta…

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DIY Crystal Air Plant Holders

DIY Crystal Planter | Twinspiration

Crystals have become so trendy and for good reason! They help harness our energies and are all around a pleasant accessory in the home. If you have crystals lying around that you want to repurpose then this DIY if for you! Turning your crystal into a planter is easier than you might think!  Here’s what you’ll need:  Assorted large crystals Air plants Leather cord Floral adhesive (optional) Instructions:  Step One: Attach your air plants to your crystals. You can use…

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Best of Bare Minerals

Best of Bare Minerals | Twinspiration

You guys know how much we love BareMinerals and one of our subscribers recommended we make a video talking about our favorite products from them, so here we are! We have tried quite a few bareMinerals products over the years and most of them we truly love, so it was difficult to narrow down our favorites. Some of these products we talk about constantly but others we don’t mention as much, so we hope this video is helpful! Thank you…

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Best Natural Deodorants

Best Natural Deodorants | Twinspiration

We have tried so many aluminum-free deodorants over the past few years! We had heard about the damaging effects of aluminum in deodorant and decided it wasn’t worth the risk and we’d look into alternative options. Back in 2016, we were pretty limited with our choices so we just started trying anything and everything. Over time more and more brands started releasing aluminum (and baking soda) free deodorants and we’ve finally found some that work! Read on to find out…

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