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Nashville Trip Recap + Vlog

Nashville Trip Recap | Twinspiration

If you follow us on Instagram you know that we took a trip to Nashville in early October. The trip kind of happened on a whim. Our best friend Alyssa and her bf Max were planning a trip to Nashville to see Ed Sheeran and she casually asked if we wanted to come. We had to book the Air BnB THAT DAY, so we had to decide quickly, which is so out of character for us. But alas, the four of us (otherwise known as Table 22), decided to tag along and join them in Nashville. Luckily another one of our best friends Jenny, and her husband James decided to come too. So it turned out to be a fun couples vacation!

If you know us you know that most of our vacations involve eating and exploring, in that order. We love to try as many restaurants as possible and we also enjoy just walking around a new city. We really made the most of our time in Nashville and went to a total of 11 restaurants (if not more, that’s just the number of places I reviewed on Yelp). To save time, I’m only going to talk about the ones we would recommend.

We don’t feel qualified to do a whole “Nashville travel guide” post since we didn’t hang around downtown too much, as it was entirely overwhelming. So we’ll just share the highlights of our trip!

Disclaimer: Most of these don’t have photos, but I’ll link the Yelp pages! 

Nashville Trip Recap | Twinspiration


We knew we had to try Bartaco at some point in the trip because their concept is simple…street tacos. And who doesn’t love tacos? Essentially you fill out a slip of paper with what tacos you want and that’s how they divide the checks, which is brilliant and makes it easier on everyone. Since we’re vegetarians (that eat fish) we both tried the portobello taco and the Baja fish. Both were incredible. The tacos are small so you’ll want anywhere from 2-4. We also shared the guacamole and chips. The ambiance of this place reminded us so much of Southern California, which I think is the vibe they were going for. Highly recommend!

Christine Cookie Co

On our second day in Nashville, we decided to walk around the 12 South area and see what it was all about. Our friend Alyssa had mentioned that there was a Sprinkle cupcake that she wanted to go to. We arrived at Sprinkles only to discover that it had become Christine Cookie Co. Thankfully we all love cookies so we decided to give it a try. You guys know Carli and I are cookie snobs, and these cookies were top notch. Crispy on the outside, gooey on the inside, and not overly sweet. They also had so many flavors to choose from. I got the peanut butter chocolate chip and Carli opted for the Snickerdoodle. A great dessert place!

Nashville Trip Recap | Twinspiration

Pinewood Social

Pinewood Social was another spot that was on our list, prior to the trip. It’s very “Palm Springs” in design, with a mini bowling alley and pool area. The lounge area is the largest and suitable for groups. We were only looking to order some drinks and appetizers so it was the perfect destination for us. However, I do want to mention that for some reason they only serve the brunch menu on Saturdays, until 4 pm. I’m not sure how 4 pm isn’t considered lunch, but just beware that your appetizer options are limited until lunch rolls around. Overall the food and drinks are great, and the atmosphere is a 10/10.

Five Daughters Bakery

We’re going to do a whole Sweet Eats post about Five Daughters so I won’t go into depth too much, but we really enjoyed these donuts. They’re known for the croissant style donuts, otherwise known as the cronut. The flaky layers are rich a decadent, and we love the unique flavors. I will say that some flavors are better than others. Any of the filled ones are way too rich, so opt for something simpler like ‘The Purist’ if you don’t want a sugar overload.

Nashville Trip Recap | Twinspiration

Nashville Trip Recap | Twinspiration

Uncommon James

We are avid watchers of Very Cavallari, so we had to stop by Uncommon James and see the jewelry up close and personal. Kristin did a fantastic job with this store. It’s decorated beautifully and the service is great. We had a specific necklace in mind that unfortunately wasn’t in stock, but they did have quite the selection overall.

Five Points Pizza

This place was a surprise gem! On our first night in town everyone was starving so we wanted to go someplace close by, that had food for everyone. Pizza tends to be a people pleaser so we decided on Five Points Pizza. It’s a cute restaurant that’s very Italian, with the old school wood booths and red and white decor. You order by the slice and they always have two daily specials, one with meat and one without. Carli and I each got a piece of the veggies which happened to have tomatoes, garlic onions, a cheese blend and balsamic. It was incredible. Top five pizzas I’ve ever had. Dead serious. We also split the greek salad which was fresh and flavorful. The prices and service are also good here. Definitely, recommend if you like New York style pizza!

I do want to mention that we recommend exploring downtown during the day as opposed to night. We went down there on Friday night and it was packed. Soo incredibly crowded. We went back the next day, to AJ’s Good Time Bar, and it was actually enjoyable.

Our favorite neighborhoods in Nashville were definitely 12 South and Five Points. Both full of cute shops and restaurants and nothing was too overpriced.

Nashville Trip Recap | Twinspiration

Nashville Trip Recap | Twinspiration

Nashville Trip Recap | Twinspiration

Nashville Trip Recap | Twinspiration

If you want to see more of our trip, watch our vlog:

Let us know if there are any Nashville spots that you love!

xx, Britta





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