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DIY Detoxifying Clay Mask

DIY Detoxifying Clay Mask | Twinspiration

We’re excited to announce we’re contributing bloggers for Dani Barbe’s blog! Dani Barbe owns an amazing jewelry brand of the same name. She melds raw, unique stones with metal to create beautifully different jewelry and décor for the modern bohemian. Every piece is truly a work of art, some of the most stunning jewelry we’ve personally ever seen.

For our first post on Dani’s blog, we wanted to do some type of face mask. We have already made sheet masks so this time, we opted to try out making a clay mask. The problem with most clay masks is that they’re too harsh on our dry and sensitive skin. We knew we needed to make something that purged our skin of dirt and oil and also provided some sort of hydration. We combined decided to use one of our favorite facial oils in combination with clay and the result was a perfect clay mask for sensitive skin!

DIY Detoxifying Clay Mask | Twinspiration

To get see how to make the mask, check out our first post on Dani’s Blog here –> DIY Detoxifying Clay Mask

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