Best Talc-Free Makeup

Best Talc-Free Makeup | Twinspiration

I know I sound like a broken record at this point talking about my nickel (talc) allergy, but hear me out. Over a year ago I had an eczema breakout all over my eyelids so I went to the dermatologist. After testing they diagnosed me with a severe nickel allergy. Obviously, that meant giving up “costume” jewelry but they also told me to stay away from talc in makeup. I immediately started going through all my powder products looking at the ingredient list, only to find out it was in 90% of my makeup!

I wanted to do right by my skin so I decluttered a bunch and decided I would be more aware of what ingredients are in my makeup. I’m already hyper-aware of clean ingredients when it comes to skincare so I knew it would be an easy transition. Thankfully there are a lot of great products that don’t contain talc, that I can use safely.

I know that talc as a cosmetic ingredient is a gray area for most people. Is it really dangerous to use? We’ve all heard that baby powder has been linked to cancer (when used abundantly), and that is basically pure talc. However, I found a great article here that goes more in-depth about talc. Basically, it’s known to cause a white cast and look chalky, so that’s why a lot of brands are choosing to exclude it in powder products, along with that fact that it may be carcinogenic. I always say it’s better to be safe than sorry so why not try to stay away from it?

Here are my favorite talc-free makeup products!

Best Talc-Free Makeup | Twinspiration

Cover FX Perfect Setting Powder (Light)– This is Carli’s go-to powder. It’s very similar in consistency to the Wowder, and extremely finely milled. This powder works great on all skin types.

Glossier Wowder (Light/Medium)– This is my go-to face powder at the moment. Even though it’s a loose powder it never makes my face look cakey and helps to make my foundation last. It also doesn’t hurt that the packaging is super cute.

Laura Mercier Candleglow Sheer Perfecting Powder (Light)– This is a recent find for me and I love this formula. I use it to set the under eye area and dust it over my whole face as a finishing powder. You can also use this as a natural looking highlighter. The baked formula looks so beautiful on the skin!

Best Talc-Free Makeup | Twinspiration

Bare Minerals Invisible Bronze Bronzer (Medium)– You guys already know how I feel about this bronzer. It is my number one, stranded on a desert island makeup product. It gives the skin such a natural, healthy glow and it can be built up to be pretty intense. This is a must-have in my opinion!

TheBalm Take Home the Bronze Bronzer (Oskar/Oliver)– When I’m not using the Bare Minerals bronzer I’m using this one by TheBalm. It’s technically a matte finish but I feel like it’s more of a satin matte. It doesn’t look chalky on the skin at all. My favorite part about this is the tone. It’s the most neutral bronzer I’ve found.

Best Talc-Free Makeup | Twinspiration

TheBalm Desert Blush– TheBalm is the first talc free brand I’ve tried and this blush was my first purchase. It can also be worn as a bronzer but it’s too red-toned for my skin, so I use it as a blush. It’s my go-to blush in the summer when I have more of a tan. I’m always down for a good terracotta blush.

Too Faced Love Flush Blush (Baby Love)– This is a new favorite blush of mine and I heard they may be discontinuing these blushes which makes me so sad. First of all the packaging is too cute, and this formula is incredible. The shade ‘Baby Love’ is a perfect mauve nude and it almost feels creamy to the touch. I wouldn’t say this is is a sheer blush but it’s also not too pigmented. Pick this up before its gone!

Burt’s Bees Blush (Bare Peach)– When Burt’s Bees first launched their makeup I knew I had to try the blushes. They’re 100% natural and come in three wearable shades. I truly love these blushes so much. They go on fairly sheer and can be built up. They blend effortlessly and last on the skin. These blushes are also super affordable!

Best Talc-Free Makeup | Twinspiration

Pixi By Petra Glowy Duos (Subtle Sunrise)– Speaking of highlighter that breaks easily, this Pixi duo is super fragile but worth it. This highlighter has essentially zero fallout in the pan but when you swipe it on the face you’ll notice that it gives the skin that glow-from-within look. I also love that each highlighter contains two shades, to suit different skin tones. Pixi can be found at Target!

Jouer Powder Highlighter (Citrine)– I want to preface this by saying I heard via YouTube that they may have changed the formula of these highlighters, so beware if you pick this up and it’s not what you expected. With that said, this is the most unique highlighter formula I’ve ever used. The product itself is so smooth and feels similar to the ColourPop super shock cheek highlighters. Because it’s so creamy it looks like a cream highlighter on the face, a true glossy highlight. Be careful with this highlighter though, it breaks easily!

Best Talc-Free Makeup | Twinspiration

Dose of Colors Baked Browns Eyeshadow Palette– I will say the one category that’s hard to find good talc free options is eyeshadow palettes. On an everyday basis, I’ll reach for the Baked Browns palette due to its neutral tones and blendability. These shadows really blend themselves. As you can see I love this palette and it’s my second one! When I use a shadow with talc I always make sure to put down a base (as a barrier) and don’t leave the shadow on all day or it will irritate my skin.

For reference, here are some makeup brands that are talc-free:

  • TheBalm
  • Kat Von D
  • Cover FX
  • Bare Minerals
  • Smashbox
  • It Cosmetics

I hope you found this post helpful! Please let me know your favorite talc-free products down below!

xx, Britta

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