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Thanksgiving 2020 Vlog: Our Weekend In the Mountains

Thanksgiving Vlog 2020: Our Weekend in the Mountains | Twinspiration

If you watched this year’s apple picking vlog, then you know we’ve been trying to vlog more this year. In 2020 fashion, we haven’t been up to anything worth sharing on YouTube but we did, however, have a weekend trip planned to Lake Arrowhead for Thanksgiving weekend that we wanted to vlog to hopefully provide some entertainment and also be a keepsake from the trip for us.

Full Covid precautions disclaimer here, we live in Los Angeles so we made the drive to Lake Arrowhead but our best friend and her husband did fly out to join us. We felt very safe just being the small group of the 6 of us considering the 4 of us (me, Britta and our boyfriends) already live together and we knew our bf and her husband were covid-free. We also only spent time at the airbnb, outside walking around or outside at a brewery where when we weren’t taking photos or sipping beer we had our masks on.

We truly love Lake Arrowhead and hope to have a vacation home there in the future since it’s so close to LA. I hope you guys enjoy the vlog!!