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Sweet Eats: Cravory Cookies

Sweet Eats: Cravory Cookies | Twinspiration

After a long hiatus from our Sweet Eats series, we’ve been on a roll lately! This series is seriously so fun for us, especially when we get to re-visit old favorite bakeries like Cravory Cookies! For a backstory on our love from Cravory Cookies, we first discovered them when living in San Deigo. From what I remember, the company started out as a cookie delivery service where you could order a box and have it delivered or you could join their monthly cookie delivery service where you would get that month’s flavors delivered to your door once a month, every month. We never joined the served but we did order boxes of cookies every once in awhile back in college when we were stressed and all we wanted was delicious cookies!

Flash forward a few years and Cravory Cookies opened their first brick in mortar location in San Diego. Even though it wasn’t very close to where we lived at the time, we went within the first weeks of the opening and loved every second of it. If you can’t tell by now, we really love their cookies.

Now that we’ve been living in LA for almost 4 years, we haven’t been back to our favorite SD cookie place in quite some time. Since we were spending Easter weekend in San Deigo, we decided to pay a visit to one of Cravory Cookies newest locations in Carlsbad and do this Sweet Eats post.Sweet Eats: Cravory Cookies | TwinspirationSweet Eats: Cravory Cookies | TwinspirationThe Carlsbad location is in a popular shopping center surrounded by delicious lunch spots so you can grab a bite at one of the eateries and head to Cravory Cookies for a sweet treat after lunch. This location is a lot larger than the original shop we had been to. The blue and white retro decor is so fun and fitting for a place that dishes out cookies and ice cream.Sweet Eats: Cravory Cookies | TwinspirationSince we visited on the last day of March, we wanted to get some of the March flavors including Lucky Charms and the cute Easter Shortbread cookie they had. We also each had to get our favorite flavor, Birthday Cake. If you go, you have to get Birthday Cake.Sweet Eats: Cravory Cookies | TwinspirationSweet Eats: Cravory Cookies | TwinspirationSweet Eats: Cravory Cookies | TwinspirationIf I had to describe the texture of the cookies, I’d say they are thick and chewy and usually topped with fun topics like sprinkles, chocolate drizzles, lucky charms, etc. Since we’ve talked about Milk Jar Cookies before and how much we love those, I’ll say that cookies from Milk Jar are thicker inches wise but a lot softer and usually not loaded with toppings. But the milk jar birthday cake cookie is very similar to the one from Cravory!Sweet Eats: Cravory Cookies | TwinspirationSweet Eats: Cravory Cookies | TwinspirationSweet Eats: Cravory Cookies | TwinspirationSweet Eats: Cravory Cookies | TwinspirationIf you’re a cookie fan and in San Diego, you have to stop into one of the two Cravory Cookies locations. Even if you’re not in San Diego, we highly suggest placing an order!

Cravory Cookies | 2675 Gateway Road, Suite 103 Carlsbad, CA 92009