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Summer 2018 Recap

Summer 2018 Recap | Twinspiration

Instead of doing monthly recap posts, we decided to do a recap of the entire summer. As you will read, we had an extremely eventful summer!

Wedding #1: Addy & Pat

At the beginning of June, we headed to Stone Harbor New Jersey for the first wedding of the summer. Addy has been a great friend of ours for about 9 years now and there was no way we were missing her wedding, even if we had to fly across the country for it. Stone Harbor is an adorable beach town in New Jersey and the whole trip felt like a mini-vacation. Most of the people at the wedding and in Stone Harbor for the weekend were Pat’s friends and family so the trip involved meeting a lot of new people, all of which were amazing. We kept saying the whole weekend that we felt like we had known all of the people we met forever and felt so welcomed. It was truly a magical weekend filled with great people! 

Summer 2018 Recap | Twinspiration

Wedding #2: Jenny & James

A few weeks after Addy and Pat’s wedding, we were headed to our hometown Green Bay, Wisconsin, to stand up as one of our best friend’s weddings. We are those one-in-a-million friend groups who met in elementary school and are still best friends to this day. Jenny is the first to get married in the group and it was the most special experience standing up in her wedding and being by her side on her special day. As I hope you can tell in the above photo, there is a lot of love in this group and we had such a blast on the big day. I truly can’t wait for the another one of us to get married so we can all stand up in another wedding together. 

Summer 2018 Recap | Twinspiration

4th of July Trip to Michigan

Would you believe that I had another trip planned just two weeks after the trip to Green Bay?! Every year, my boyfriend James’ family throws a big 4th of July party at their cottage in Lexington, MI. It’s always such a blast and so nice getting to spend the holiday weekend with him and his awesome family. The weekend consisted of margaritas, lots of lake time,  tons of delicious food, bonfires and fireworks. My only complaint was that Britta and Tommy couldn’t make it! 

Byrdie Beauty Lab | Twinspiration

Byrdie Beauty Lab

Byrdie Beauty opened an amazing beauty store pop-up in July and we were invited to the opening party. The store itself was so stunning we couldn’t help but do an entire post about it. Read that here. We loved how it wasn’t a store where you can purchase beauty products, but rather a place to take home samples of all the Byrdie editors favorite products. Some of the samples were a really great size and the clear bag we put all of the samples it is actually really useful! This popup was the second one Byrdie has done (first was in NYC), so if they bring it to your town, we highly recommend going! 

Too Faced Pop-Up | Twinspiration

Too Faced Influencer Popup

Another pop-up! This time we were invited to the Too Faced Popup that was reserved for influencers and was invite-only. We were so grateful the brand invited us to stop by because it was such a cool experience! Even though space was small, it was filled with fun, pink decor and lots of makeup goodies. They even had a coffee bar which we thoroughly enjoyed. You can read more about the experience in this blog post.

Summer 2018 Recap | Twinspiration

Laura Mercier Event

Didn’t realize our summer was filled with brand events until now! Laura Mercier threw a huge party to celebrate the launch of their newest product – Translucent Loose Setting Powder Glow. The powder is a glowy (but not glittery) version of their popular Translucent Setting Powder. It’s amazing. If you have dry skin, you should dust it all over your face as it will give a beautiful glow. I have combo skin so my favorite way to use it is in place of a highlighter. Since I normally use cream highlights, I love setting them with this powder.

But back to the party…it was the best event we have ever been to. Again, thank you LM for inviting us! We loved the venue and the product demonstration by one of our favorite makeup artist, Makeup By Mario. Also really appreciated the complementary and easy valet parking, something I wish every place in LA had.

Summer 2018 Recap | Twinspiration

Trip to Iceland

Okay – the highlight of the summer here. A few months back, James mentioned to me that his dad wanted to take us to Iceland (along with his brother Peter and Peter’s girlfriend, Britney). You probably don’t know this but neither Britta or I are fans of traveling. We love being home and traveling gives me a lot of anxiety. I never regret it, but it’s hard for me to commit to a lot of trips, let alone an international trip. But after James and I talked about it, we both knew we couldn’t miss this opportunity.

The gang headed to Iceland mid-August and it was an incredible trip. Not only did we get to explore a beautiful place, but we got to spend time together. James’ dad Mike is still in Michigan and his brother lives in Ohio so we don’t get to see them too often. I’m probably not done with the trip recap at the time this post goes live, but when the post is up on the trip, I will put the link here. I can’t write all about it in this recap post or you would be here forever!

Summer 2018 Recap | Twinspiration

Wedding #3: Jerry & Chelsea

Ending the summer with yet another wedding! James stood up in one of his best friend’s wedding over Labor Day weekend. The wedding was at the Detroit Yacht Club – which was an absolutely stunning venue. The bride and groom are very fun people, so of course, the wedding was a blast. I’d say a wedding was the perfect way to end this summer considering it was the summer of weddings for us. I’m not complaining though, I’ve always loved weddings!

We really couldn’t have asked for a better summer and we’re so looking forward to our favorite time of year…fall. Hopefully, you like these seasonal recap posts instead of us doing one every month. Let us know!

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