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March 2018 Recap

March 2018 Recap | Twinspiration

Happy April! We’re happy to finally be doing a recap! We know most of you follow us for beauty reviews or fashion posts, but we truly enjoy sharing a little bit of our lives in these monthly recaps.

Honestly, January and February were a total blur. We had our birthday in January but aside from that, there were no exciting events or moments. This month we had one major and one minor event, so let’s get into it!

Meet Terry

If you’ve been following us for awhile you know about our dog, Luna. She is a rescue and we adopted her about a year ago. While she is still timid of people she has made huge strides in terms of her behavior. We recently got her a trainer which has helped so much, and we only needed two sessions to see an improvement. And while she was getting better with strangers we realized that she had very minimal experience with other dogs. We would take her to the park to socialize her and she would stay right by our sides. For this reason, and more, we wanted to get another dog. I know everyone says they love dogs, but Carli and I LOVE dogs. Luna has brought so much light and happiness to our lives that we couldn’t wait to adopt another little pup. We found Terry on the Dogs Without Borders Instagram and went the very next day to the adoption fair to meet him. Of course, he was so cute we had to take him home. They do foster to adopt for one week and we were praying Terry and Luna would get along. Not going to lie, the first week was rough. There was a serious adjustment period. But now they’re so good together and we’re so happy Luna has a brother!

March 2018 Recap | Twinspiration

Weekend Trip to San Diego

Behind the scenes, we have a lot going on. We’re the busiest we’ve ever been, and remind you, we went to school full time while working full time, so that’s saying a lot. We decided that we needed a little break from it all, so we went down to San Diego for Easter weekend. We left on Friday afternoon to make a whole weekend out of it. It was honestly the perfect weekend trip! We lived in San Diego for five years, so it was great to go back to some of our favorite places (Snooze, as pictured above) and see some good friends. We didn’t realize how much we needed to get away until we were down there, completely unplugged. We also forget how easy it is to find parking in any city that isn’t Los Angeles. But seriously, if you’re workaholics like us, please take a break. Plan a trip somewhere and just unwind! you won’t regret it.