Summer Beauty Essentials

Let me just start off by saying HOW is it August already?! This summer has been flying by, probably because we had such a busy July (read more about that here). Makeup wise, we’ve been trying a lot of new products this season. Britta and I were never into switching up our products seasonally until this year. Of course, we’ve always loved switching out our lip colors by season but never found the need to switch complexion products. But now we’ve been really into dewy, light coverage skin and cream face products.

I’ve been applying way less foundation than normal and I love how my skin looks. If I have any major skin issues, I’ll just spot conceal which makes my overall complexion look very dewy and natural. I also discovered my favorite cream bronzer recently which you’ll see in the video. It’s so easy to apply and blend out, I’m kicking myself for not jumping on the cream bronzer train sooner!

To find our what our summer beauty essentials are, watch our latest video!



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