Reviewing New Beauty Releases

eviewing New Beauty Releases | Twinspiration

Ah the new beauty releases just keep coming! It’s that time of year where early fall launches are starting and we are not complaining. Thankfully, we’ve been gifted a lot of product recently and we’ve been purchasing quite a bit on our own too. We’ve been testing all of this new makeup, and we wanted to share our thoughts.

Some of the items in the video are very new and some are just new to us. I will say that most of these products we have been loving. But some are overpriced and/or not our taste. Do you guys like these types of videos or do you prefer more first impressions type videos when trying new products? In our minds, we would think you would want a semi-detailed review of the products rather than first impressions but who knows?! Of course, like always, if we are truly loving something it will make it’s way into our monthly favorites videos so look there for our ultimate product recommendations!

We will probably be doing this video again as these new releases keep coming out, so let us know what you think of this video! Also, let us know which new products you have been loving!

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