Nail Polishes You Need For Fall

Nail Polishes You Need For Fall | Twinspiration

Anyone else feel extra inspired to paint your nails with the season changes? One thing both Britta and I have completely slacked on during quarantine is painting our nails. We used to love it and do it once a week – I looked forward to picking a shade every Sunday. Being home and not in an office or really out and about at all, I haven’t been bothered to paint my nails. But with the season change to fall (our fav!) – I immediately went out and bought two new polish shades I haven’t been able to stop using. It feels good to have my nails painted again! It’s such a small thing but makes me feel so much put together and back to my normal self, pre-quarantine.

First up is warm, yellow-red from one of our favorite Essie Expressie polish line. The shade is Bolt And Be Bold and it’s definitely one of my favorites from Essie. It’s not your standard warm red that usually reads very orange, this one has a clear yellow undertone which makes it unique and slightly bright while somehow being a bit grounded from the deeper red. Absolutely perfect for fall. Nail Polishes You Need For Fall | Twinspiration

For the other polish, I was on a hunt for a perfect, everyday deep nude for fall. I found quite a few that leaned warm and while I love that, I didn’t’ feel they were special enough. I then saw Essie’s Cliffhanger at Ulta and fell in love with the dusty brown pink with neutral undertones (very slightly warm). I found my perfect fall nude nail polish!

Nail Polishes You Need For Fall | TwinspirationNail Polishes You Need For Fall | Twinspiration

What are your favorite polishes to wear during fall?

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