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May Favorites 2019

May Favorites 2019 | Twinspiration

May is always a fun month for us but because we are doing so much, we rarely discover new products. However, this May, with the Sephora sale and new launches, we picked up quite a few new items and lots of them are now holy grail products. It’s always crazy to film these videos and talk about products that we both know we will continue to use and love for months to come. Some loves are so fleeting but the products in this video are too good not to continue using for months or even years to come. Seriously, they’re that good!

We particularly love the new Laura Mercier lipsticks that recently launched. We did a whole video on them but if you can’t stand thick, heavy lipsticks, you would love this lightweight comfortable (but high-impact formula).

To see what else we’ve been loving, watch the whole video down below!

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