It’s a 10 vs Kristin Ess Detangling Tonic

It's a 10 vs Kristin Ess Detangling Tonic | Twinspiration

A hair video? On our channel? I know, so out of the ordinary but let me explain why.

Hair products rarely excite us but when we saw the new Kristin Ess fragrance free line at Target, we knew we needed to try a few things immediately. One of the items we picked up was the Detangling Tonic. It’s only $10 and we are always on the hunt for anything to help detangle our bleached locks.

We quickly compared the performance and value to our beloved It’s a 10 spray detangler and wanted to do a video comparing the two! Watch the whole thing to hear our thoughts on both products and find out which one we would repurchase.

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