Empties Video January 2021

Empties Video January 2021 | Twinspiration

We haven’t done an empties video in so long (approx. 8 months)! If you’re new here, Britta and I have a joint bin that we are constantly adding to as we finish up products (mostly body care and skincare items but the pin is also always filled with piles of mascara and sometimes other makeup items). When the bin starts to overflow, we film an empties video where we walk you through all of our empty products and let you know which ones we loved and would repurchase and which ones we didn’t like at all, and lots in between!

In this video, we have a ton of body lotion to show you, some empties of our holy grail products (like the Kristin Ess Fragrance Free Detangling Tonic) and lots more! Watch the full video to hear our thoughts on all our empty products!

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