Dyad Perfume Oils Launch

Dyad Perfume Oils Launch | Twinspiration

We have another launch from our brand, Dyad Candle…our perfume oils!

We started working on these a year and a half ago and the idea came before we even launched the brand! We had a strict vision in mind that we wanted to create luxury, everyday personal fragrances in an alcohol-free base and of course, we needed a triangle bottle. After lots of ups and downs and countless hours of work, it all came together and we are SO very excited to present our Modern Musks Perfume Oil collection. Four fragrances we know you’ll love!

As fragrance wears very differently on everyone, we highly recommend if you’re interested you order the $1 sample pack first to try out on your skin.

As always, thank you so much for your endless support – it means the world to us!

xx Carli & Britta


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