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Best Scented Candles

Best Scented Candles | Twinspiration

You may not know this about us but we love candles. It’s a true obsession and we would consider ourselves candle snobs. We recently stopped by the Candle Delerium and to our dismay, we didn’t discover any amazing new candles, but they did have a bunch of our favorites.

We know we’ve shared candles here and there on our blog and YouTube channel, but we thought we would take the opportunity to roundup our all-time favorite candles. You may be surprised that we didn’t include Capri Blue Volcano, considering it has a cult following.

So first I’ll walk you through what we look for in a candle: 

  • We prefer a soft wax that burns evenly (usually soy wax is stiff and doesn’t hold fragrance as well)
  • We love musky, earthy, deep scents (think pine, amber, sandalwood, etc)
  • We stay away from overly floral or sweet scents
  • Regarding price, we’ll pay $40-60 for a good candle. But we try not to spend more than that!

If you have the same taste as us then we think you’ll find something for you on this list!

Best Scented Candles | Twinspiration

1NEST ‘Holiday’ Candle – I have to say, this is our favorite seasonal candle. I first received this as a Christmas gift two years ago. It was my first NEST Candle and I immediately fell in love. It has both fruity and spicy undertones and just smells like Christmas! Not going to lie, I do buy these all year round because I love it so much!

2Voluspa ‘Branche Vermeil’ Candle – We discovered this candle last winter at Nordstrom, and it can be hard to find. They do sell it all year round though. It has notes balsam wood and sugar so it basically smells like a warm Christmas tree. Voluspa is such an affordable brand as well!

3Candlefish ‘No.83’ Candle – I will say, the only thing I don’t like about Candlefish is the wax. They use soy wax so it doesn’t burn even or hold fragrance well. I am including this one though because it’s affordable and I do love the scent. It has notes of bergamot, jasmine, rose, amber, and patchouli. A great everyday candle!

4 | Capri Blue ‘Spiced Cider’ Candle – This is a seasonal candle but I had to include it because it’s one of the only scents we really like from Capri Blue, and the packaging is gorgeous. They have really nice wax so the small candle lasts longer than you’d think. Spiced Cider smells exactly like a hot cup of cider. It’s so comforting!

5P.F ‘Pinon” Candle – We recently tried P.F Candles and fell in love! Although their wax doesn’t hold fragrance very well, they have such unique and approachable scents. Pinon is one of our favorites. It’s very woodsy and earthy.

6Diptyque ‘Vanille’ Candle – In general, we think Diptyque candles are so overhyped. Most of their scents are very floral heavy and the packaging is cute but at the end of the day, it’s just glass with a sticker. However, Vanille smells so incredible that we think it’s worth the hefty price tag. It’s a nice smokey warm vanilla scent.

7NEST ‘Birchwood Pine’ Candle – Oh look, another candle that smells like a Christmas tree! We sense a pattern here. However this particular candle smells like pine with hints of wood, so it’s more earthy than the others. One of our all-time favorites! I should also mention that NEST makes the best candles in our opinion. They burn really well and you can smell the candles even when they’re unlit.

8Voluspa ‘Blanc Suede’ Candle – This is the only candle on our list with a hint of leather, which we love in a candle! Again, Voluspa is so affordable and readily available. You can’t go wrong!

9RX ‘Homme’ Candle – RX is a local brand and we buy their candles at the Melrose Trading Post, if you’re in LA. They have a bunch of scents but Homme is by far our favorite. It smells like men’s cologne!

10P.F ‘Amber & Moss’ Candle – Another great find from PF is their Amber & Moss Candle. It actually smells a lot like Homme, mentioned above!

11Trouvaille ‘Heart of Pine’ Candle  (not pictured)- I was able to link this one but as you can see it’s sold out (should come back this fall). This truly smells like pine and the packaging is so pretty, it will make such a statement in your home!

If you made it this far, thank you! We hope you love candles as much as we do. We’re actually in the process of starting our very own candle business (!!!). This has been a dream of ours for awhile and we can’t belive its finally coming true. With that said, we’d love to get your input on what scents you like in your candles?!

xx, Britta






  • cherriopolis
    08/21/2018 at 7:41 am

    I love warm woodsy notes, but I also like fresh combinations like rosemary and mint. It really depends on the season and how I want to feel, because fragrance evokes emotion. Thanks, for sharing this list.

  • Britta Garsow
    08/22/2018 at 2:22 pm

    Oh rosemary and mint would be nice! Thank you!