Best Natural Deodorants

Best Natural Deodorants | Twinspiration

We have tried so many aluminum-free deodorants over the past few years! We had heard about the damaging effects of aluminum in deodorant and decided it wasn’t worth the risk and we’d look into alternative options. Back in 2016, we were pretty limited with our choices so we just started trying anything and everything. Over time more and more brands started releasing aluminum (and baking soda) free deodorants and we’ve finally found some that work! Read on to find out more.

Best Natural Deodorants | Twinspiration


Our most recent (and favorite) discovery in the world of aluminum-free deodorants is Lume. We first heard about this on Instagram from Veronica Crowfoot. She does Crossfit daily and swears by this stuff so we knew we had to try it. One thing that drew us to this product is that it’s water-soluble, meaning it comes out of clothes in the wash. We’ve used several other non-toxic deodorants that stain in the fibers of our tops and it became increasingly frustrating. Lume is a gel-like consistency that you apply under the arms and spread out with your fingers. It dries down clear and truly lasts all day. There is also no baking soda in their formula which is an added plus since we have sensitive skin! We use the Sage & Lavender one and the scent is nice and subtle.

Best Natural Deodorants | Twinspiration

Primal Pit Paste

I discovered Primal Pit Paste while pursuing one day, looking for a new deodorant. The reviews were great so I decided to give it a try. First I bought the Jasmine scented one but the floral fragrance was too much for me and the formula had baking soda which caused a rash with continued use. It did work really well though, as both an antiperspirant and deodorant. After that, I decided to try their charcoal variety which is baking soda free. It definitely masked the odor but I did still sweat throughout the day. I would have continued using it aside from the fact that it stayed in my shirts. The charcoal colors get lighter but it doesn’t disappear completely so my white shirts suddenly had gray underarms. This product is a true paste and the paste wouldn’t come out of my clothes until I tried Persil. I try to use fragrance-free laundry detergent so it seemed silly to buy a detergent-like this just to use on deodorant stains. Overall, if you’re not sensitive to baking soda I highly recommend one of their other formulas as it worked really well and it’s affordable. I actually want to try their zinc Wild Woods scent!

Best Natural Deodorants | Twinspiration


I think we’ve all heard (and loved) Native. It was one of the first natural deodorants I used and I stuck with it for about two years, then it stopped working for me. I had heard that your body can get used to the formula and stop working. I did try to change up which fragrances I bought but I realized that once again, the baking soda was causing a rash. So I had to start using their sensitive formula. Which worked to cover odor but I did have to reapply throughout the day. Overall, if you’re new to natural deodorants I highly recommend starting with Native. it’s even available at Target now! I also love their body wash!

Best Natural Deodorants | Twinspiration


Farmacy recently released their Freshen Up Deodorant. This one takes the cake for packaging and formula. Of course, you want the product to work but we love a deodorant that’s in a round component like this. Anyways, the formula of this is cooling on contact which is great for summer. It also has a light, fresh scent to it. If you’re someone that doesn’t sweat a whole lot you’d probably enjoy this, but I found myself having to reapply throughout the day.

What’s your go-to natural deodorant?

xx, Britta

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