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Highlighter Collection + Mini Review

Highlighter Collection + Mini Review | Twinspiration

Awhile back we shared our eyeshadow palette collection and you guys seemed to really like it! These types of collection videos are really helpful for us because after we break down each item we decide what to keep and what to give/throw away. So here is our second collection video, where we break down all of the highlighters we own. And we definitely have way more than we need! Let us know which highlighters you love, and which collection video…

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KL Polish Fall 2017 Collection

KL Polish Fall 2017 Collection | Twinspiration

We’ve always had a thing for nail polish. I vividly remember being a little girl and begging my mom to paint my nails every day. Nail polish is definitely a way to accessorize and often it’s the only color Carli and I wear (truth). And we’ve never been into fake nails, or acrylics. Although they look really nice and feminine we find that they look strange on our short stumpy hands. So we’ve always painted our nails at home. Because…

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NYX Water Palette Tutorial

NYX Water Palette Tutorial | Twinspiration

Although Carli and I LOVE makeup, we’re definitely not professionals. But it’s a true passion of ours so we’re always trying to push our boundaries to create unique makeup looks that wouldn’t be for everyday wear. Because honestly on most days you’ll find us rocking a neutral crease shape and a bold lip. When I saw that NYX was coming out with their “In Your Element” palettes I knew I had to try one. I was instantly drawn to the…

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DIY Home Decor

DIY Vintage Frosted Glassware

DIY Vintage Frosted Glassware | Twinspiration

When packing up our apartment we noticed that we have an absurd amount of glassware. And most of them are in pairs of two because we love using different glasses for cocktail recipe posts on this blog. And it seems that every time we get rid of some, we buy more. It’s a vicious cycle. Now that we have more space we’re actually excited about our glassware hoarding and plan to put them on display. Most of our glassware comes from…

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Neutrals in NYC

Neutrals in NYC | Twinspiration

The streets in New York City are some of the most charming (read Instagram worthy) in the country, so we knew we had to shoot some style content while we were there. The morning of our Bite Beauty Lib Lab appointment we decided to walk down the nearest street and take some photos. We were honestly so distracted by all the brownstones and fall decorations that we were rushed for time to shoot. Nevertheless, I really love this cozy fall…

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