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Byrdie Beauty Lab

Byrdie Beauty Lab | Twinspiration

We were lucky enough to get invited to the Byrdie Beauty Lab preview night before it was open to the public. If you don’t know, Byrdie is a beauty content site by Clique Media. We’ve been reading their site for years. They have a lot of content around testing beauty trends, advice from industry pros and all the 411 on new products. So we were 100% sure that their Byrdie Lab, that consists of products hand picked by Byrdie editors,…

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Most Underrated Makeup Products

Most Underrated Makeup Products | Twinspiration

We can’t believe we’ve never done one of these videos! There are so many products that we use regularly that don’t get enough love on YouTube. We’ve watched plenty “YouTube made me buy it” videos and those are fine, but we’re more interested in learning about the hidden gems of the makeup world. While filming this video we realized that there are so many products that get amazing reviews online and yet they’re rarely talked about on YouTube for whatever…

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Home Decor

Affordable Outdoor Living Wishlist

Affordable Outdoor Living Wishlist | Twinspiration

We’ve been in our house since October and haven’t made significant progress on decorating it fully. You know how it goes, you move in, work on each room individually, and then you get tired and run out of money and neglect the rest of the space (no? just us? ok). When we moved in with both focused a lot on our bedrooms. We got new beds, storage, side tables, home decor, etc. We really ignored the living room because we…

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Get Ready With Us: Easy Summer Makeup

Get Ready With Us: Easy Summer Makeup | Twinspiration

We really enjoy watching “GRWM” type of videos so we thought we would show you how we do our everyday summer makeup! We wanted to time ourselves to see how long it truly takes us, and it was about 20 minutes. However, we were pretty chatty so we really think this makeup would take about 10 minutes on a regular day! We both aimed for glowy, bronzy, summer looks. We’re actually really pleased with how they turned out and we…

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Best Summer Glow Products

Best Summer Glow Products | Twinspiration

Summer makeup is definitely our favorite of all the seasons. It tends to be light, Dewey, and natural looking which is our cup of tea. The older we get the more we steer clear of matte products and reach towards those that are glowy and creamy. Matte makeup tends to cling to dry patches and sink into fine lines, while it’s glowy counterparts flatter the skin. This year we’ve found some products that we think are perfect for the summer…

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