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10 Tips for Healthy Hair

10 Tips for Healthy Hair | Twinspiration

It’s taken us approximately four years to get our hair healthy again, and it’s been a process of trial and error to see what things worked and what didn’t. We recently went lighter and are happy to report that the bleach didn’t completely destroy our hair. Five years ago we weren’t so lucky! We go into each of these more in-depth in the video, but if you’re curious, here are our 10 tips for healthier hair! 1 | Use a…

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How to Wear All Black in the Spring

How to Wear All Black in the Spring | Twinspiration

No matter how hard I try, I always gravitate towards black when it comes to clothing. I associate the black with timelessness and I like to be able to wear different pieces with many others, which can only happen if they’re in the neutral, family. But it can be hard to incorporate black into my spring wardrobe. I recently bought this Striped Abbreviated Banded Hem Top from Express. Originally I planned on wearing it with denim shorts in the summer. But…

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Top 10 Beauty Products Under $10.00

Top 10 Beauty Products Under $10.00 | Twinspiration

About two years ago we did a video about our top five products under $5.00. To be honest, those favorites have definitely changed, but we saw that video recently and realized we always had the intention to do a similar video with products under $10.00. So here we are! This video actually made us realize how many products we use, on a daily basis, that are under $10.00. These days drugstore makeup is so on par with high-end brands that there…

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Beauty Monthly Favorites

April Favorites 2018

April Favorites 2018 | Twinspiration

For one reason for another, we tried a lot of new products in April. Honestly trying new makeup and skincare is one of our favorite hobbies. We find putting on makeup to be therapeutic and relaxing. During the week we’re usually rushed and don’t get to invest time into our morning routine (totally our fault), so sometimes we’ll try new products at the end of the day before we start out skincare routine. This month we found a new holy grail…

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Casey Holmes x Palladio Liquid Lipstick Review + Swatches

Casey Holmes x Palladio Liquid Lipstick Review + Swatches | Twinspiration

Casey Holmes was the first person we ever watched on YouTube regularly. I think we started watching her about five years ago (side note it’s crazy how long YouTube has been around). We love her friendly personality and how she talks to her audience as though they’re her friends. In other words, she keeps it real. She recently collaborated with Palladio Beauty on three liquid lipsticks. We had to support our girl and pick them all up! Each lipstick is…

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