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Best Nude Lipsticks | August 2019

Best Nude Lipsticks | Twinspiration

Since we’ve had this blog for a while now, we’ve spoken about our favorite lip products time and time again. We’ve even talked about our favorite nude lipsticks before (see here). But in recent years we’ve really decluttered our makeup collections and honed in on what we really love and use. Therefore, we both realized that it’s hard to find a perfect nude lipstick. Our preference when it comes to nudes is something not too pink, with neutral to warm…

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Bare Minerals Bounce + Blur Collection Review

Bare Minerals Bounce + Blur Collection Review | Twinspiration

Bare Minerals has launched a brand new formula!!! It’s called Bounce + Blur because the shadows and blushes have a bouncy creamy texture to them but they dry down to a blurred powder finish. Honestly, we haven’t seen anything like this before and can’t wait for them to expand this range! To see our full review and swatches of the four blushes and eyeshadow palette, watch below! xx, Britta…

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DIY Smudge Stick

DIY Smudge Stick | Twinspiration

Today we’re showing you how to create your own smudge stick. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept, a smudge stick is used to bless and cleanse people, places, and objects. You can make your smudge stick simple like we did, or incorporate a bunch of your favorite florals and herbs. When the stick is lit the aroma will fill your space with a pleasant scent. Here’s what you’ll need: Sage White rose petals Other assorted herbs/florals Twine Instructions: Step One…

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Best Single Eyeshadows | Favorite Single Eyeshadows 2019

Best Single Eyeshadows | Twinspiration

A couple of years ago we did a video on our favorite single eyeshadows. Since that video, our makeup style certainly has changed. These days we focus more on complexion and eyeshadow is an afterthought. While we still enjoy putting together a nice eye look, we much prefer shadows that basically blend themselves and play well with others. In other words, we gravitate towards shadows that can be worn alone or with one other and look beautiful, without having to…

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Lightweight Blazer for Summer

Lightweight Blazer for Summer | Twinspiration

You may be thinking “a blazer in the dead of summer? That’s absurd.” And for the most part, I agree. We’ve been over this but I loathe being hot. Which is why summer is my least favorite season. However, the weather has been kind of wacky in LA and we’ve had some nice cloudy days that call for some sort of jacket. When the weather is a little cooler I often reach for a lightweight blazer. I found this one…

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