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Pixi Mists Review

Pixi Mists Review | Twinspiration

Pixi was nice enough to send us all four of their face mists. We have been using their original Makeup Fixing Mist for awhile now so we were eager to try the other three. All of these mists retail for $15 at Target, which is a pretty good deal considering you get 2.7 ounces of product. Watch to see which mists we would recommend! Watch this video on Youtube What’s your favorite Pixi product? xx, Britta…

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Beauty DIY

DIY Makeup Bag

DIY Makeup Bag | Twinspiration

You guys already know we’re serious makeup addicts. There’s something about playing around with makeup that we find relaxing and it gets our creative juices flowing. Because of our obsession, we often look for new makeup storage ideas that are both cute and functional. We decided to make a DIY translucent makeup bag with one of our favorite sayings, “All I Need Is Coffee & Mascara.” Its really easy to make and the pink pom adds a trendy touch! See the…

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Living Monthly Recaps

April 2017 Recap

April 2017 Recap | Twinspiration

You may remember that last month was superrrr slow for us. That wasn’t exactly the case this month. Any month with a holiday is usually a little more exciting, right? Let’s take a look at what we did in April! Em Cosmetics Launch Party For those of you that don’t know Carli works on the marketing team for Em Cosmetics. She essentially planned their whole launch party so it was such a treat for the four of us to go…

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Food & Drink

Simple Spring Caprese Appetizer

Simple Spring Caprese Appetizer | Twinspiration

You guys know we thoroughly enjoy comfort food like pizza and pasta, but there’s something about spring that makes us want to try new recipes and incorporate fresh ingredients into our diets. One dish that screams spring to us is Caprese. We never really appreciated this dish until our early twenties and it has since become one of our favorites. The thought of mixing tomatoes, mozzarella, and basil together seems like a simple dish that would just be “alright.” But…

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Must-Have Spring Pants

Must-Have Spring Pants | Twinspiration

As I get older comfort is much more important to me. If I could I would wear pajama pants everywhere. Not yoga pants. Actual flannel pajama pants. When I’m comfortable I’m not distracted so I often feel more productive. While online shopping a few weeks ago I stumbled onto these pants from H&M. They don’t look like anything else I own, or anythingI would wear for that matter. But they did look comfortable. And comfortably is key as previously discussed. So without…

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