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February 2017 Recap

February 2017 Recap | Twinspiration

Although February was a short month, it was certainly memorable. We adopted a pup (!!!!) and went to a really fun event. It’s hard for us to get out and do things because we’re always working on our blog and we’re true homebodies. But we’re glad we changed things up a bit this month! So let’s take a look. Luna the Lunatic You may remember back in October that we got a little pup named Barry. He ended up having…

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DIY Lip Balm + Exciting Announcement!

DIY Lip Balm + Exciting Announcement! | Twinspiration

We’re just going to get right into it. We’re so excited to announce that we are now contributor’s on A Beautiful Mess! If you know us personally you know we’ve been a fan of ABM for quite some time. We’ve looked up to Elsie & Emma and used ABM as inspiration for our own lifestyle blog. When we started Twinspiration SO MANY people told us that we needed a niche, that we needed to focus on one topic. We looked…

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New at the Drugstore | Hits & Misses

New at the Drugstore | Hits & Misses • Twinspiration

Watch this video on YouTube We’re so excited to do our first “new at the drugstore” video! We have purchases a ton of new products at from the drugstore and put them to the test! There are so many hits here but also a few misses. Some of these products really surprised us! Do you have any new drugstore makeup recommendations?! xx, Britta Pin this image on Pinterest! …

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DIY Home Decor

DIY Fir & Grapefruit Candle

DIY Fir & Grapefruit Candle | Twinspiration

We’ve probably never voiced this here on our blog, but we’ve always wanted to start our own candle company. In fact, we plan to do just that at some point down the road. We’ve been obsessed with candles basically our whole lives. We have vivid memories of going to the local “candle” store and stocking up on Yankee Candle’s ‘Home Sweet Home’ as kids. So our obsession is really just a side effect of our parent’s addiction to candles. We’re always…

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Best Drugstore Highlighters

Best Drugstore Highlighters | Twinspiration

Do you remember a time before highlighters? They really haven’t been around all that long but they took the beauty world by storm and now it’s hard to find a makeup brand that doesn’t make a highlighter. While BECCA’s Pressed Highlighter packs some serious stardust, and we couldn’t live without Jouer’s Citrine, we think many highlighters are over priced. You shouldn’t pay an arm and a leg for something you don’t use on your entire face, or every day for…

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