11 Lipstick Dupes You’ve Never Heard Of

11 Lipstick Dupes You've Never Heard Of | Twinspiration

Let me tell you the story about how Britta and I decided to do a lipstick dupes video. One day, we were prepping for our favorite summer lipsticks post (which will be going live after this video, stay tuned), when we both picked nude lipsticks we loved rocking in the summer. I chose Bite Beauty’s Honeycomb lipstick and Britta picked Milani’s Matte Naked lipstick. We decided to swatch them next to each other to see if they were different enough that we could include both beloved shades in our round-up post. Spoiler alert: there was virtually NO difference between the two shades! We couldn’t believe how similar they were when there was a $20 price difference between them.

After that, we scoured our makeup collections in hopes we could find more lipstick dupes to share with you. Some of the dupes we found are strictly shade dupes while other dupes perform exactly the same. Most of these dupes we had never heard before so we hope you learn something new!

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    Ashlee Nicole
    07/15/2017 at 5:51 am

    I love searching for dupes! Great post! Also I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award!

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