GRWM: New Purchases + Old Favorites

GRWM: New Purchases + Old Favorites | Twinspiration

Get ready with us videos are some of our favorites to film – and we think you guys really enjoy watching them! We review and discuss so many products on our channel and I know sometimes the best way to decide if you want to purchase a product is after seeing it in use – which is why we love doing get ready with us videos.

In today’s video, we wanted to try some new products to us on camera (like the new shade of the EM Cosmetic’s Heaven’s Glow blush we’re obsessing over) and also using some older products that we pulled out of our collection. It’s always good to have a mix, I know I enjoy watching people use products that aren’t brand new since that means they truly love them if they’ve stayed in their collection.

Hope you enjoy the video!


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