Winter Glowing Skin Makeup Tutorial

Winter Glowing Skin Makeup Tutorial | Twinspiration

My skin gets so dry in the winter, especially on my cheeks and under eyes. Because I have combo skin, my t-zone does seem to still produce oil throughout the day, even during the driest months. This crazy skin change can really make it difficult to incorporate just the right products into my everyday makeup routine. Products I love in the summer are too matte for my dry skin and powder just does not look right, so I have to be careful where I place it.

I know I’m not the only one who wants glowing skin in the winter so I filed a tutorial showing you all of the skin-loving products I use this time of year plus share techniques that help you achieve that oh so desirable glowy skin look.

Surprisingly enough, I didn’t use a lot of cream products. Even though cream products are more of a summer staple for people, I love them in the winter. They really add the glow and don’t accentuate dryness at all. However, I know people love powdered products in the winter so I chose powders that do not leave your skin looking dry at all and that have pearl in them to really brighten up the face.

To see all of the products I used, watch the video below!

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