Trying New Revlon Products

When a giant box of Revlon products arrived at our doorstep (and I mean largest PR package we’ve ever received), we were instantly filled with excitement. Both Britta and I get stuck in our beauty routines and this box was filled with bold eyeshadows, roller-ball eyeliner, holographic highlighters and other types of products we normally never reach for. We knew we wanted to try all of the products in a video for you guys so you could enjoy the experience with us. There’s nothing quite like trying new makeup products!

We also hadn’t tried any Revlon products in years. Fun fact: my first lipstick I ever purchased was Revlon’s Really Red. Then back in 2014, I briefly used Revlon ColorStay foundation before deciding it wasn’t for me. But beyond that, we really haven’t dabbled in their products. They are definitely one of the more pricier brands at the drugstore but one would hope that increased price tag brings with it an increase in quality. We shall see.

To see us test new Revlon foundation, color correctors, eyeshadows, highlighters, eyeliners and more, just watch down below!

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    Kate (@katekoutures)
    04/11/2018 at 8:30 am

    I had high hopes for that foundation but I think I’m going to pass on it

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