Tour Of Our Nightstands

Tour Of Our Nightstands | Twinspiration

Even though we primarily focus on beauty on our YouTUbe channel, the lifestyle wold has always been our favorite. We love seeing what people buy at the grocery store or getting organization tips – so we thought it would be fun to do something a little different and show you what we keep on/in our nightstands!

The products we keep next to our beds are as you can imagine, must-haves for us. In the video, you’ll see a lot of repeats between Britta and I and that’s because when one of us loves something, the other has to have it. If you’re a fan of hand creams and lip balms I think you’re going to love this video.

We don’t get too much into organization here but we’d love to know how you organize your nightstand and also which products you have to have next to you at all times!

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