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September Favorites 2019

September Favorites 2019 | Twinspiration

Happy October, everyone!

We are so beyond excited it’s October. We have so many fall activities on our fun to-do list this month, I can’t wait. We have big plans to go apple picking, carve pumpkins, get the cutest costumes for our pups and of course, continue picking up new makeup and fall clothes throughout the month. I’m calling it now, expect our October favorites video to be jam-packed.

We both had a crazy busy September. Between our fulltime jobs, Dyad (our candle line), our photography business and this YouTube channel, our schedules have been insane. I’ve also had about of perioral dermatitis (aka a face rash that is extremely hard to get rid of) so due to my crazy schedule and face rash, I really didn’t try too many new products in September. In fact, most of this video is more lifestyle or fashion related and then the makeup in the video is mostly coming from Britta. This is truly the least I’ve talked about makeup in a favorites video!

To watch our September favorites (and get a little peek at one of our pups, Terry) click down below!

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