Sephora VIB Sale Recommendations 2018

Sephora VIB Sale Recommendations 2018 | Twinspiration

Last time the Sephora VIB sale came around, our comments were flooded with requests to do a Sephora sale recommendations video. This sale usually comes up so fast, we don’t have time to film a video but we wanted to get this out in time for this sale because we have SO many great products we’d like to recommend to you.

Sephora rarely has sales (although this year they’ve had more than ever) so the VIB sales are a great time to try either pricier items that you normally can’t save money on or products exclusive to Sephora. We know a lot of people also use the sale to stock up on some of their favorite products but we don’t usually do that due to the fact that we have so much makeup to go through, we only have a handful of products we purchase over and over.

We really covered all categories in the video – makeup (of course), hair, fragrance and skincare. This video was actually a lot of fun to film because we only talked about products we absolutely love and would purchase time and time again. Those products that if we lost all of our makeup tomorrow, we would run and go purchase these products first.

If you’re shopping the sale, please let us know what you’re picking up and why. The only two things I have in my cart so far is this Clarins lip oil (I’ve been wanting one forever) and the new Olaplex conditioner. What else should I get?! Let me know down below or DM us on Instagram!

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    10/28/2018 at 9:21 pm

    I so want to try one of the new Fenty lipsticks. Black to be specific! However I’ve never worn black lipstick so I’m a bit intimidated. I also really want to try the relaunch of the Born This Way foundation.

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