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Revisiting Our June 2016 Favorites

Revisiting Our June 2016 Favorites | Twinspiration

Jamie Paige recently did a video in which she revisited her June 2015 favorites and we loved the idea! We keep a pretty extensive spreadsheet to organize all of our content, so we definitely have archives of our favorites videos. We started our monthly favorites in JULY of 2015, therefore, we couldn’t go back to June of that year so we settled on June of 2016. The first thing we realized was that our favorites videos back then were a lot shorter! Our addiction to beauty products has worsened, and this is proof. However, I will say that we are decluttering more often and trying to practice minimalism, so our favorites videos might shorten in the near future. This video was really fun for us to do, and helped us revive some old favorites so we think it was a success! xx

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