Our Favorite Makeup Brushes

Our Favorite Makeup Brushes | Twinspiration

Over the years, we’ve collected a lot of makeup brushes. Brushes can really change your makeup game for the better when you find good ones. Getting a new brush is so exciting for us because you almost feel like your products are new using them with a new brush. Through trial and error we’ve discovered what brushes we love and could never be without. We also have certain brands that we know deliver quality brushes time and time again. Our two favorite brands are Real Techniques, which is an affordable brand you can get at Target and Ulta and It Cosmetics brushes. The It brushes are definitely pricier but worth every penny in our opinion.

In this video, we break down our favorite face brushes and eye brushes. As you’ll see, I like to spend more time on my base so I had a lot of great face brush recommendations. Britta wears more eyeshadow than I do, she had a lot of amazing eye brush options! Watch the whole video to see all of our brush recommendations! As always, we will link them all below the video on YouTube.

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