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November 2016 Recap

As you know, every month we look back at some of the most memorable moments to share with you. While there were a lot of “big days” this month our day-to-day lives lacked excitement (not in a bad way of course). So we don’t have as MANY things to share with you but quality over quantity, right?

November 2016 Recap | Twinspiration

Gilt City Warehouse Sale

I am a Yelp Elite member and with that title comes Yelp Elite events. They are absolutely wonderful and 90% of the time I take Carli as my plus one, so she loves them too. This month Gilt City was hosting a warehouse sale at Siren studios and we were invited to the VIP shopping hour. Think fewer people but still floods of people shopping for deals. Initially we were completely overwhelmed and thought we might just leave until we stumbled upon the Miansai table. We had heard of this brand before and we’ve seen their screw cuffs featured in our favorite blogs. So of course we had to have a look at their merchandise. While most of it was 50% off we still couldn’t justify a $100 impulse by, so we settled on the Circle Link Rings which are now our “sister” rings. Can you believe we don’t have any special jewelry like that? So overall the sale was a success and they provided free Hostess snacks which was a monthly highlight as well.

November 2016 Recap | Twinspiration

Anniversary Trip to Portland

At the beginning of the month my boyfriend and I decided to spend out three-year anniversary in Portland, OR. It may seem like a random place but EVERYONE we know that’s been there raves about it. Since it’s a short two-hour flight up the West Coast we thought we should check it out. I’ve been seriously craving fall weather and we knew Portland would bring the fall. We actually really loves vacations that feel more like everyday life. It’s fun to travel to a resort for some R&R but to us its more fun to cuddle up and watch a movie after a day of exploring. Portland is filled with great breweries, friendly people, and awesome food. The city itself was so nice and clean and more quaint than we imagined. I won’t bore you with the details but make sure to read my Portland Travel Guide!

November 2016 Recap | Twinspiration

San Diego Trip/Thanksgiving

Carli and I and our boyfriends made the trek to San Diego for Thanksgiving weekend. My boyfriend is from there and Carli’s boyfriend has family there as well. We also lived in San Diego for five years so it’s always nice to go back. It feels like a home to us since we did a lot of growing up there. We had some speed bumps but overall it was a wonderful holiday and it’s always nice to reflect on the things you’re most thankful for. We also went pretty crazy on black Friday, so we’re thinking of doing a hail video!

November 2016 Recap | Twinspiration

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

SO MANY EMOTIONS. We’ve been anticipating November 25th since we first heard of the Gilmore Girls revival, and we can’t believe it’s over. Our expectations for this remake were set super high. We knew most of the cast was coming back and that meant the remake would be authentic, in true Gilmore Girls fashion. Paris was probably our favorite character from the revival. Her bold personality was just the same as in the original series, and she was equally as crazy even though she found success as a OBGYN. Of course Lorelei and Rory were just as close as every and it was nice to see Rory facing the issues of most people her age. The shows creators didn’t sugar coat her situation at all which made the show even MORE relatable than before.

November 2016 Recap | Twinspiration

Christmas Tree

We usually wait until the last-minute to get our Christmas tree. They’re always picked over and we end up with a half dead tree and ornaments from the previous year. But not this year, nope. We decided early on this month that our theme would be blue and copper and we would get our tree Saturday the 26th, rain or shine. Well of course it was pouring rain the day we planned on going but that didn’t stop us. We walked (yes, in the rain) to Home Depot and picked out a gorgeous tree. We made it home and decorated our tree while sipping on hot cocoa and listening to Christmas music. It was the perfect evening and we’re so glad we made time for one of our favorite traditions! Did you get your tree yet?!

Overall it was a pretty low-key month, which is good since we need to save our energy for all the happenings in December! What was your favorite part of November?

xx, Britta


  • Reply
    12/05/2016 at 1:19 pm

    I want to visit Portland! Sounds like such a lovely place. 🙂

  • Reply
    12/05/2016 at 7:25 pm

    We got our tree that day too and it was pouring rain here too!! And AHHHHHHHHHHHHH the GG revival was definitely the same as the original. I did think that a few scenes could have been better (think: Taylor’s broadway show?!), but overall I thought they did a great job and HAVE to come back!

    • Reply
      Britta Garsow
      12/05/2016 at 8:09 pm

      That’s so funny it was raining up there too! haha. And yes, it was perfection! I want to re-watch it again!

      • Reply
        12/06/2016 at 9:22 am

        I just want them to come back and give us more of an explanation! I want to at LEAST see Lorelei’s reaction!

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