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June Favorites 2019

June Favorites 2019 | Twinspiration

If you didn’t know, our favorite videos to the film are our monthly favorites videos. In these videos, we each break down the makeup/skincare/clothes/books/podcasts we’ve been loving that month. Month after month, it’s hard to imagine having new things to talk about but every time we go to sit down and film these, it’s actually a breeze putting the list together!

For June, I actually hadn’t tried that many new products but the products I did try I have been absolutely obsessed with. Britta happened to test out a lot of new makeup this month so she had more to talk about. We love that we can bring two different perspectives to the table in all of our videos but especially our monthly favorites.

Not so surprisingly enough, we both had blushes we wanted to chat about this month! 2019 has been the year of blush in my opinion. We have always loved blush so we are so happy it’s now getting its time to shine. The blushes we talk about range quite a bit in hue so there is something for everyone out of the shades/products we mentioned!

To see what else we’ve been loving, watch the entire video down below!


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    07/05/2019 at 6:19 am

    Those are great picks! I love your videos!


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