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June Favorites 2018

June Favorites 2018 | Twinspiration

This month in beauty has been all about the bronzy glow, looks. In fact, after doing this video we realized how many glow and bronze products we’ve been using recently and decided to dedicate a whole post to these types of products. It’s coming soon to the blog so look out for it!

Out of all the products we talk about in this months beauty favorites video, I think we’re most excited about our new favorite self-tanner. We recently went to our friend Addy’s wedding and while we were there for wedding week, she told us about the St. Tropez Self Tan Express Advanced Bronzing Mousse. Her tan looked amazing so we went to Ulta and picked it up as soon as we got home. Bronzing mousses are our favorite type of self-tanner and we were really excited about the fact that it was an express formula. You can leave this on for 1-4 hours to get your level of the desired tan. We weren’t sold that 4 hours was enough so we tested wearing it overnight vs 4 hours and we achieved the same depth of color. It’s so great you only have to leave it on for a couple of hours to get a great tan! We also love that this doesn’t smell like self-tanner, it actually has a pretty pleasant scent. The final and best thing about it is the color it leaves on your skin. Even our other favorite self-tanners have a hint of orange to them, but not this one. This gives you the most beautiful, neutral brown tan. Seriously, the best self-tanning product we’ve ever used. We will say that it wore off pretty unevenly on both of us, but we think exfoliating better next time before the application will help.

If you want to see what other beauty products we’ve been loving, just watch the video below!

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