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July Favorites 2018

July Favorites 2018 | Twinspiration

We spent so much of July out in the sun, or just relaxing at home that we didn’t wear too much make up the whole month! Whenever we have months where we just aren’t doing makeup that often, we always reach for the same products when we do put on makeup. So picking favorites this month was pretty easy.

Like last month, our makeup this month fell into the bronze and glowy category. We also have some brush favorites, which are always fun to share. We recently did a favorite brushes video, but we seem to be finding new favorite brushes every month. Does anyone else get really excited about new brushes? They can completely change your makeup game!

We also have a jewelry favorite this month, and not just any kind of jewelry, earrings! We never talk about earrings,  because we never wear earrings. Until now. We have had such sensitive ears for about the past five years that our ears will get ready and puffy within seconds of putting earrings in them. But we spotted the most perfect hoop earrings at Madewell that have sterling silver posts and they do not hurt our ears. It’s a miracle! They seriously go with everything too and we love them so much.

To see the rest of our favorites, watch the video below!

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