DIY Instagram Photo Frame

Instagram Photo Frame by Twinspiration:

Recently Carli and I have seen a lot of posts on Pinterest about jazzing up thrift store finds. People find beautiful mirrors and dressers and completely transform them. It’s remarkable. We decided to start on a smaller scale and look for compact pieces we could spray paint, and make brand new again.

I made this open-back picture frame to display my instagram photos:



  • Frame of your choosing
  • Spray Paint: Primer & color. I used Rust-Oleum because I was told it was the best brand to use.
  • String/cord/wire
  • Fasteners or hooks
  • Hot glue gun & glue sticks
  • Clothespins
  • Instagram photos ( I print mine using the PostalPix App)
BEFORE I bought this frame for $8.95 at a local thrfit shop.

I bought this frame for $8.95 at a local thrfit shop.


  1. Dismantle your frame by taking off the back, any matting, and the glass. You should be left with an open-back frame
  2. Prime and paint your frame. I allowed my primer to dry for one hour before applying the color. I let the first coat sit overnight before applying a second coat. You can follow the directions on the bottle, or do whatever has worked best for you in the past.
  3. On the back of the frame use a fastener to string your cord/wire. I used triangle-shaped hooks. Glue one hook to one end of the frame, tie your cord/wire around it, then tie the other end around another fastener. Glue the second fastener directly across from the first one (I eyeballed it). You could probably get by with just hot gluing both ends of the string directly to the frame, as long as you’re not displaying too many pictures.
  4. Use your clothspins to attach your photos. I bought these glittery ones from Etsy.
  5. Hang on the wall & presto! You’ve made your own thrift store project


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