Holiday PR Unboxing Haul

Holiday PR Unboxing Haul | Twinspiration

We feel so lucky that brand’s are willing to send us PR. It’s something I don’t think we will ever get over or take for granted. It’s impossible to buy every new launch and keep up with all the launches – so getting PR is a big blessing when wanting to talk about new products on our YouTube channel.

We don’t get a ton of PR throughout the year, but with the holidays approaching, we found ourselves receiving quite a few holiday sets from brands. We thought it would be great to save them all for one big video where we open each mailer and show you what we got! We also give our first impressions and try to break down for you which sets we think would make great gifts.

We actually loved doing this video – so if you guys want to see more like this we can definitely save our PR in the future to do a video like this again.

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