Highlighter Collection + Mini Review

Highlighter Collection + Mini Review | Twinspiration

Awhile back we shared our eyeshadow palette collection and you guys seemed to really like it! These types of collection videos are really helpful for us because after we break down each item we decide what to keep and what to give/throw away. So here is our second collection video, where we break down all of the highlighters we own. And we definitely have way more than we need! Let us know which highlighters you love, and which collection video you want to see next!

xx, Britta

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    Hello Beautiful!
    12/04/2017 at 6:09 pm

    Ladies, I have been searching for a highlighter (a light weight, everyday). In our YouTube, you do not specify the highlighter that you keep on your everyday use table…you stated it was $3. The Highlighter I have been looking at is $32 from Sephora from benefit but I am not crazy about it. I personally don’t like that it’s powder (but it’s the only one I have tried and my girlfriend raves about it).

    Please share the brand you talk about hat is your cheapest and your favorite. I’d love to try it out:)

    Thanks a lot beauties! ?

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