Get Ready With Us: Trying New Products

Get Ready With Us: Trying New Products | Twinspiration

Ah, ’tis the season to try new makeup. Lately, we’ve been sent quite a bit of makeup in PR (seriously beyond grateful to receive makeup from awesome brands). We’ve also bought a lot ourselves due to all the new releases hitting the shelves. We thought it would be really fun to do a ‘Get Ready With Us’ on our YouTube channel using all of these new product releases. We love filming get ready with us videos because it’s fun to do our makeup on camera but also because we get to do our makeup together. We obviously have separate rooms and bathrooms at our house so we never get to do our makeup together. Sitting in front of the camera talking to you guys about makeup is just such a blast. We hope you like these types of videos because we hope to do more!

It’s also really difficult to use new makeup when we’re so stuck on the products we like. I’m sure you’re the same way – you like what you like and it’s hard to try out something new. Doing this video made me realize how many products I have that are so great that I need to use more often. I also think doing a get ready with us video using products we used to love would be really fun. My makeup style has changed so much over the years that I think doing makeup with old favorites would be so out of my comfort zone!

If you want to see what we think of new releases from elf, Milk Makeup, Bare Minerals and more, then walk the video below. Warming: it’s a long one, grab a snack.

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    05/17/2018 at 8:55 pm

    Well done girls. I like the review.👍

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