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February 2017 Recap

February 2017 Recap | Twinspiration

Although February was a short month, it was certainly memorable. We adopted a pup (!!!!) and went to a really fun event. It’s hard for us to get out and do things because we’re always working on our blog and we’re true homebodies. But we’re glad we changed things up a bit this month! So let’s take a look.

February 2017 Recap | Twinspiration

Luna the Lunatic

You may remember back in October that we got a little pup named Barry. He ended up having a neurological disease and passed away due to a seizure. It was really devastating for us and even harder on my boyfriend. So we wanted to wait awhile before getting another dog, and we knew we wanted to rescue this time around. Carli’s co-worker mentioned that he friend was fostering a cute little terrier mix that needed a home. At that time we thought she was a young puppy and we definitely wanted a dog that was trained. But after looking at all the photos and videos of her we knew we had to have her. Turns out she is almost a year old and completely potty trained. We absolutely love her and we’re so happy she’s part of our family. You can follow her on Instagram @lookinatluna.

February 2017 Recap | Twinspiration

Street Food Cinema: The Princess Bride

We were lucky enough to be invited to the special Valentine’s Day Street Food Cinema event, feat. The Princess Bride. It was held at the Million Dollar Theatre, in downtown Los Angeles. We always say we don’t spend enough time downtown so it was a good excuse to explore a little bit. The theatre happens to be right next door to Grand Central Market, which I had never been to before. It’s basically a marketplace of restaurants which seems to be a popular concept these days. We all ordered food from different places and headed to the theatre to watch The Princess Bride. Of course we had to get some wine to go with our pizza. The theatre itself is so old and beautiful and we had amazing seats. The Princess Bride is such a classic and overall the event was amazing!

February 2017 Recap | Twinspiration

Valentine’s Day

Growing up our mom went crazy for Valentine’s Day, so we’ve always been fans of the holiday. While we don’t see the need to go out to a fancy dinner it’s a good reminder to spread love. We didn’t make big plans with our boyfriends but when we got home our apartment was decorated with heart balloons, garland, and we both had a bouquet of flowers waiting for us.  My boyfriend Tommy made some appetizers and Carli’s bf James made us all dinner. It was a wonderful night in and we couldn’t have asked for a better Valentine’s Day!

Overall it was a really great month! We’re excited to see what March brings.

xx, Britta

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    that pup is so cute!

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