Favorite Warm Toned Eyeshadow Palettes

Favorite Warm Toned Eyeshadow Palettes | Twinspiration

Warm-Toned eyeshadow palettes seemed to gain popularity in the past year. We’re not those people that just wear warm-toned shadows, though we do prefer there. There’s something about warm tones that look good on any eye color. Colors in the red family are definitely my favorite for my own eyes because they always make the green pop (even if it’s a red-toned brown).

We wanted to share our favorite warm-hued palettes with you and thought there was no better way then doing a video so we can briefly explain what we love about each palette. In the past year, we’ve gotten rid of a lot of our eyeshadow palettes in an attempt to be more minimalistic, even with our makeup collections. The fact that we kept these palettes and still use them all the time says a lot. We have a mix of high-end and more affordable eyeshadow palettes for you in this video, so there’s something for everyone. Also, an honorable mention we didn’t put in this video would be the Marc Jacobs Scandalust Palette. The eyeshadows in that palette are amazing but I wouldn’t say it’s a “complete” palette, meaning I usually have to reach for other shadows to complete my look.

Watch the video to see our favorite warm-toned palettes!

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    01/10/2018 at 9:08 pm

    Oh my goodness these palettes are goreous! xx

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