Favorite Everyday Jewelry

Favorite Everyday Jewelry | Twinspiration

Today we’re doing something different on the blog, talking about jewelry! From the lack of jewelry/accessories talk on this blog, you’ve probably gathered that Britta and I aren’t big jewelry wearers. We don’t often go out and buy it, the jewelry pieces have to be pretty special for us to add it to our small, curated collection. The pieces we do have are on a heavy rotation so we thought we’d share with you what we love and wear most often!

Favorite Everyday Jewelry | Twinspiration

BaubleBar Sophia Layered Choker

This necklace belongs to Britta and she wears it nearly every single day. Before she got this necklace, she stuck to rings on a daily basis (similar to what I do). The beauty of this necklace is that it goes with everything. Both the color and the style can be worn with nearly every cut and shade of clothing. It’s basic in the least basic way if that makes sense.  It’s very similar to my go-to necklace that is also from BaubleBar that I’ll talk about next. This was our first time trying out BaubleBar and the quality is amazing for the price. Highly recommend!

Favorite Everyday Jewelry | Twinspiration

BaubleBar Gwyn Layered Choker

My BaubleBar necklace is similar to Britta’s, of course. What can I say, we have the same taste! I’m a big fan of mixed mediums when it comes to fashion, home decor and jewelry. I love a good contrast so the gold mixed with light blue elements of this choker really drew me in. Because of the hints of blue, I don’t wear it as often as I’d like. I find that I only like pairing it with white or black tops/dresses. It is one of my favorite necklaces I own though and like I mentioned before, BaulbeBar has some great-quality pieces!

Favorite Everyday Jewelry | Twinspiration

Garnet Stacking Ring

Now we’re moving onto our favorite jewelry category, rings! For as long as I can remember, Britta and I have loved rings. I think we just love the ease and simplicity of rings. They’re so easy to throw on and because they’re on your hands, you don’t really have to worry about them clashing with your outfit. When we were younger, we were into more statement rings but as we get older, we’ve grown to love very delicate, simple rings.

For our birthday this past January, I decided to pick up these beautiful garnet rings for Britta and I. Garnet is our birthstone and we didn’t have any of it in our collection! I knew Britta would love this ring as much as I did because of its simplicity. I love the tiny gems paired with the slim gold band. In my eyes, this is a perfect ring. I wear it nearly every day.

Favorite Everyday Jewelry | Twinspiration

Miansai Circle Link Ring in Gold

This ring is probably my most coveted piece of jewelry. For a little back story, Britta is a Yelp Elite member and often gets invited to Yelp events. She got invited to a Gilt City Warehouse Sale so we decided to go and check it out. We walked in and were immediately overwhelmed. There were people everywhere just powering through the countless clothing racks and trying on shoes. We ate some complimentary Hostess snacks of course and were about to leave when the little Miansai station caught my eye. I had heard of the brand and loved a lot of their pieces but never felt like I could spend the money on it. We decided to look around and both fell in love with this gold circle link ring that was on sale for $40 (originally $80!). We both looked at each other and exclaimed “sister rings”! We loved that the circle was divided into two halves, representative of how we’re two halves of a whole. We bought them immediately and both wear them every day. I will always love this ring!

Favorite Everyday Jewelry | Twinspiration

Rose Gold Circle Necklace

I got this necklace a few months ago from Topshop and now I can’t find it online anywhere! I’m sure there are other similar pieces out there though. I think it was around $12 so the quality isn’t amazing but I love the rose gold shade and how simple it is. It goes with everything so I’d say it’s my most worn necklace for sure. It is starting to wear and I wish so badly I could find something exactly like it made out of sterling silver. If anyone knows where to find that, let me know!

Let us know what your favorite everyday jewelry pieces are! 

xo Carli 



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    Favorite Everyday Jewelry | Twinspiration
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    Oh these pieces are gorgeous. And you look lovely!

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