Favorite Everyday Face Products

Favorite Everyday Face Products | Twinspiration

When deciding what video to film, Britta and I thought of doing “best everyday blushes”. We were all set to film and realized we had filmed a similar video a year ago and our favorite blushes hadn’t changed much. After panicking to come up with an idea quick – I thought “well wouldn’t you want to watch a video where people shared ALL of their favorite face products”? And this video idea was made.

We both change up our foundation, concealer, mascara and of course lip product very often. But was doesn’t change much is our taste in blushes, bronzers, and highlighters. We always try new ones when we’re sent in PR but we rarely stray form our tried and trues. When we do stray – then we know it’s good. Most of the products we mention in the video we’ve been using for a year or more but the ones we have been using for less than a year are THAT good – we know we will continue reaching for them to months (or years) to come.

To hear all of our favorites – watch down below!

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