elf Modern Metals Collection Review + Swatches

elf Modern Metals Collection Review + Swatches | Twinspiration

One of our favorite affordable makeup lines, elf, recently released a New Orleans-inspired makeup line created in partnership with a team of influencers. Sounds intriguing right? They so kindly sent us the whole collection to try out and so today we will be giving you our thoughts on the four-piece collection and swatching everything so you can see what it looks like!elf Modern Metals Collection Review + Swatches | Twinspiration elf Modern Metals Collection Review + Swatches | Twinspiration


At first glance, this palette stood out to us as the hero product of the collection. The color story is just beautiful. I’d say it’s a wearable palette but with pops of still-very-wearable colors. Up until now, the only elf palettes we’ve tried have been all mattes, so we were excited to see a palette with both mattes and shimmers. The gorgeous shimmer shades are actually our favorite part of this palette. The shades are stunning and they look amazing on the eyes. The mattes are pretty on par with mattes in other elf shadows – some are better than others. But they blended well and since a few of the mattes are very deep shades, we appreciate that they are buildable rather than being 100% pigment upon first application. At $12 I don’t think you can go wrong getting this palette!elf Modern Metals Collection Review + Swatches | Twinspirationelf Modern Metals Collection Review + Swatches | Twinspiration


How FUN is this face palette?! At first glance, it looks intimidating for our skin tone (fair/light with neutral undertones). I feel this palette would work amazing for medium to deep skin tones. The lightest highlight shade is really beautiful on my skin tone – the powder has a ton of kickback when you dip your brush in so make sure to tap off the excess powder before applying. Once it’s applied, it’s a beautiful subtle highlight with a soft glow that doesn’t have any chunky glitter or metallic look. I love it. The middle highlight shade is too dark for my skin tone but I plan on using it as an eyeshadow because the color is gorgeous. The third highlight shade is very orange. I actually don’t know if this would look flattering on anyone and I wish they would have added a pearl highlight or maybe a light rose gold instead. As for the blushes – they are so pigmented so be careful. I prefer more sheet blushes that can be built up but I do think these shades are pretty and they last for while on the cheeks. My favorite is the deep red shade which is definitely too dark for my skin tone but if I apply it with a very fluffy brush and a light hand, I can make it work.elf Modern Metals Collection Review + Swatches | Twinspiration


Okay, THIS product is the standout from the collection for me. I’ve been over liquid lipsticks for a while. They are generally thick and heavy on the lips and leave your lips feeling dry and gross. But this formula is weightless, comfortable and still long-lasting. The thin formula is paired perfectly with a pointed applicator so it’s easy to apply and even over-line your lips. The color of this liquid lipstick is what truly makes it unique. I don’t have anything like it in my collection and I have a lot of lip products. It’s a deep terracotta that leans more red than orange. It’s so perfect for fall and winter (or really anytime). I can’t wait to wear it this season. I’m honestly shocked it is $6.


You guys know that neither Britta or I are big fans of lip gloss, so they are always hard to review for us. Even though I’m not a big lip gloss wearer, I have tried quite a few. I basically only have one requirement if I’m even going to attempt to wear a gloss – it can’t be sticky/tacky/goopy (you get it). I also generally prefer a bright colored tinted gloss instead of clear. I just don’t get the point of clear glosses but I know a lot of people love them and for all of those people, let me tell you, you will love this gloss. I applied it to my bare lips and it made them look so reflective and plump without being thick and sticky at all. It was really comfortable, I couldn’t even feel the grittiness that sometimes happens when there are glitter particles in a gloss. I’m truly so impressed with this. If you’re a gloss lover you have to pick it up! elf Modern Metals Collection Review + Swatches | Twinspiration Overall, I think this collection is really great, especially since the whole collection is only $32. The packaging even looks different and chic but does feel cheap (which is to be expected for such affordable products). As I mentioned, the liquid lipstick is my favorite product but I think everyone would appreciate the blush and highlighter palette because of the unique color palette and I feel it can be used by people of every skin tone. Have you picked up any of these products? Let me know what you want to get down below!

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    Elisabeth Hayes
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    Love the look of those lippies!

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